• Credit Scores are Overall Statements of One's Financial "Health"

    Medical debt should have a bearing on credit scores. While the debt incurred as a result of medical procedures may be unavoidable and even unfair, the credit score is intended to be an accurate overall statement of one's debt "health", and so this accuracy should be maintained even in the face of unavoidable or unfair acquisitions of debt.

  • Yes, I believe it should.

    I think that creditors have a right to know whether or not you pay your bills. Like it or not medical debt can affect your ability to pay your other bills including your house or your car. Lenders have a right to see the whole picture before offering their product.

  • No it shouldn't!

    Medical debt is accrued because nobody can afford to go to a hospital! It's not like we are going in because we decided we want to go and that we chose to spend that money. Medical is a necessity, and it shouldn't be treated as a "choice". We should always care for our sickly citizens.

  • No,I think medical bills should be kept out of credit scores.

    No,I think medical bills should be kept out of credit scores. I don't think its fair to drown people in depth and hurt their credit score this way. I think crazy things happen in the world all the time. I feel that if you hurt the credit you hurt their ability to get things for themselves in the future.

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