• It's inconclusive right now.

    Yes, medical doctors should do more research as to the effects of CCSVI treatments on the brain in MS patients, because there are signs that CCSVI treatments might be beneficial. However, the research is inconclusive. There is no reason to provide the treatments if they really don't help, so more research needs to be done.

  • Yes, they should

    The reason more medical doctors should do more research on the effects of CCSVI treatments on the brain of MS patients is because there is already some evidence building that it could be very effective. If there's a chance then it should be studied and the utilized by doctors immediately.

  • More research sholud be done in every area.

    All areas of medicine should have more research and constant research on it. Treatments on the brain are even more important. When it comes to the brain the slightest thing can change a person mentally or physically. Also with so much dementia around things needed to be checked extra careful to make dementia less likely.

  • There's No Connection

    I do not believe medical doctors should do more research on the effects of CC SVI treatment on the brain in MS patients. One doctor published a paper that stated these treatments worked for MS and he also linked the two together. However, no one has been able to duplicate his results and it would appear that he was down right lying about it. MS patients shouldn't receive treatments associated with CC SVI, they won't help.

  • No, but a long term management strategy

    While I have a great deal of faith in medical technology, I have a
    hard time believing that these medical conditions will ever have a cure.
    However, I do think that medical science will advance to the point
    where conditions such as MS and CCSVI will become manageable diseases.
    I do not believe science will ever be able to completely cure these diseases.

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