• Would we give opiates to kids

    The answer is.. It depends. If it relieves suffering & is the most appropriate treatment then yes.
    It is unlikely in the majority of cases it is the best treatment but if a qualified professional is willing to attest that in the circumstances it is the the best treatment then ok.

  • If its for medical use only...

    Then I don't see why not. Marijuana is natural powerful medicine! It can cure some illnesses, diseases, etc, that other medicines won't cure. But I don't think kids should be smoking it though. Smoking marijuana in general is not healthy, but you still can get THC in your system without smoking.

  • If its helpful.

    If the medical marijuana is helpful to them than yes it should be given to kids. It only has negative effects after a long time of use, and the doctors who distribute it will know what they are doing. If they think it is in the best interest for them than they should get it.

  • Marijuana isn't as bad as people think.

    Medical marijuana is called medical for a reason, people don't just say it's medical then go get high on it. In fact some new types of medical marijuana can't get anyone high because the amount of THC (the compound that makes you high) in it is less than one percent. Medical marijuana can do great things but so many are so against it's few bad qualities that they can't see the good.

  • No, it is absurd

    Marijuana is still a drug that makes you high, meaning to say it makes you out of control. Marijuana, even though it has a medical effect it also have side effects. Weigh-in the the positives versus the negatives. In the end, why would anyone in the past would condemned the usage of marijuana for they know that marijuana is bad for our health.

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