• Yes, Medical Marijuana should be included on the November Florida Ballot.

    I believe medical marijuana should absolutely be included on the Florida ballot in November 2016. Hopefully the state of Florida will join the 23 other states and Washington, D.C. which have already legalized the substance for medical issues. People suffering from cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis and more deserve whatever benefits they can derive from its prescription.

  • It's what people want

    Enough polls show that people in Florida want it on the ballot. It doesn't matter if people agree or disagree in their final vote, the important thing is that people get to vote on what is important to them in their state. It is part of the democratic process to let people decide through voting.

  • The majority of voters support the bill

    A recent survey suggests that nearly 90 percent of voters support legalising the use of marijuana for medical purposes if prescribed by a doctor. The proposed Florida Medical Marijuana Act lists specific illnesses for which licensed Florida physicians can prescribe medical marijuana, including cancer, HIV and multiple sclerosis. This bill would allow Florida to join 23 other states that have already taken the step to date.

  • Medical Marijuana should be included in Florida Ballot in November

    Many people think that medicinal marijuana is a good thing. Many doctors believe that medicinal marijuana can cure some diseases. For example, there are many studies that show that medicinal marijuana can actually cure MS. I think that people of Florida should decide whether they want to legalize medicinal marijuana or not.

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