• Absolutely

    It isn't hard to find stories about medical marijuana improving the quality of life for those that have qualified for it. It's harmless and can help people with certain ailments still enjoy their daily life, there's no reason to deny them it. This is something even most against general legalization agree upon.

  • Marijuana should be legalized.

    I prefer both medically and for recreational purposes, but mainly medically. Marijuana is, without a doubt, one of the safest drugs known to mankind. It's natural, it's much healthier and less smelly than cigarettes are, and it's just a joy. Alcohol does thrice as much damage as marijuana could ever do to you. I don't know about physically, but mentally, I know it does. I quit drinking after some disappointing run-ins with the bottle. The parties I've gone to have shown me that alcohol causes you to do shameful, awful things under the influence. I've seen it, I've experienced it. Alcohol is dangerous. Mary Jane is not. On marijuana, a person does not forget what they're doing or what they're saying. They're perfectly aware of what's going on, just in a mellower, calmer, lighter state of mind.

    Posted by: Jhon
  • Yes

    yes medical marijuana should be legal. I think there are many benefits to it , especially when it comes to cancer patients. There are many states now that have legalized marijuana in the medical sense and there have not been any problems with this, that I have heard of so I think it would fine.

  • Legalize Medical Marijuana

    Yes, medical marijuana should be legalized. Many more dangerous drugs are used every day to treat a myriad of ailments that afflict mankind. Marijuana is simply another drug to treat certain conditions and diseases.
    Marijuana, like morphine and Valium, needs to be monitors, prescribed by a competent physician and used according to directions. The willy nilly dispensing of any drug is a detriment, not only to the person receiving it, but to society in general.

  • Marijuana affects your body negatively.

    Marijuana is the same as alcohol; you do not know what is going on, and you do not know what you are saying. You are just as stupid drinking and smoking as you are on marijuana. Even if it is legalized for medicinal purposes, what is to say that a doctor won't write themselves a prescription and get high on dope?

  • No medical or not idc

    You're only deluding yourself because you are HIGH. You don't know what the hell you are doing in life medical or not it is addictive no matter what other humans say. People's are going to want more to go get higher and higher it is in my interest of the health concerns

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