• People have to buy from a non pharmaceutical person

    And just "trust" them, that they won't slip in some other drug, give the wrong plant, that they are clean, and that they aren't buying from the black market. If scientists created a pill form of natural marijuana, they would be no worries, overdosage prevention,mans faster access then having to smoke it (which hurts the lungs), of bake it into something.

  • We should have options.

    I believe we should have options on how we prefer to consume marijuana and I think pill form is good for those who have lung problems and it may also be a good alternative to use if you are in public. As far as medical marijuana only being available in pill form will be very devastating and people will be forced to search the black market for regular smokable marijuana. I think marijuana in leaf form is the best since it is unadulterated and is not cut with any synthetics by Big Pharma.

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