• Yes, medical supplies should be more affordable.

    Yes, medical supplies should be more affordable because a lot of people are unable to afford them on their own, and the companies that make them justify high prices because many people have insurance to help cover the costs. If medical supplies cost less in the first place, then people wouldn't need to rely on insurance to help pay for them.

  • They are a necessity

    Anything that is necessary for human life needs to be affordable. This doesn't mean that the companies that are making these products cannot profit from them at all, it just means that we need to find the right balance so that people who need these supplies can get them easily enough.

  • Medical supplies can be more affordable

    Medical supplies can be more affordable, but only to the extent that the market and its forces allow. There should be no government interference in setting the price for medical supplies. That only hurts the consumer. The market is a wonderful thing. Medical supplies are expensive, but that is a factor of what the market will bear.

  • There are many side effects that can be induced if medical supplies are used incorrectly.

    Whilst there are an abundance of reasons that state that medical supplies should be more affordable, people seem to forget what can go wrong if these are abused. This applies to both supplies and treatments.

    Anyone who has taken any form of medicine should know that an overdose in any treatment can lead to significant effects such as vomiting, abdominal pain and even seizures- it rarely happens, but people forget that this is a factor in medicine. All health products should be used carefully and (in terms of younger people) in moderation.

  • Someone has to pay for it.

    Unfortunately, when someone gets something for free, someone else has to pay for it. If there is a market for something and there aren't a lot of laws, enough people will produce the thing to drive the prices down. But it's unfair to make people pay for the medical supplies of others, because your neighbor doesn't owe you anything.

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