• Their wish with their life.

    It is ones wish to choose death over life. Clearly if they are in so much agony and pain they should be allowed to end it peacefully with the permission of their family members and a physician. It is much less awful for someone to be assisted in their path to the afterlife. The thought of hearing that someone has committed suicide is awful and hard to grasp, but with medical help it's much less gruesome and heartbreaking. Norman Cousins once said, "Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live."

  • The Necessity of Medically Assisted Suicide

    In cases where a patient is dying of a terminal illness and suffers because of it, medically assisted suicide should be an option open to them. The case of Brittany Maynard is a well-thought out and informative case that shows why medically assisted suicide should be an option to those who do not want to spend the rest of their lives hooked to machines, constantly medicated with pain killers and not spending their last days as they want. They should be able to live their lives on their own terms and choose the time of their death because they know full well what is coming.

  • Yes, medically assisted suicide should be legal

    Yes, medically assisted suicide should be legal for those who are terminally ill and suffering. One of the main goals of modern medicine is to prevent human suffering. When a person is terminally ill, there may be little that a doctor can do to prevent that person from suffering. Thus, medically assisted suicide may be the only option to end the suffering.

  • Yes, in the case of a terminally ill patient

    I believe that medically assisted suicide is both ethical and kind when it comes to terminally ill patients. Quality of life is often more important than life, itself, as evidenced by those wishing for medical assistance in their death. So long as the patient is of sound mind, I see no problem with helping them if they've made this very tough decision.

  • Get off the God soapbox and be more practical.

    This country needs to accept the fact that not everybody believes in God and that there are also those who don't think having their own hand in their death will lead to hell and damnation. Is that why in 2016 we're not allowing this? Give me a break. If people are terminally ill, and it should just be that instance that's allowed for ethical reasons, they should be able to end their lives in comfort. We need to respect the fact that medical advancements keep people alive into periods of significant pain and suffering, loss of mental faculties, etc. When the Bible was written, nobody could survive that kind of stuff. We need a little common sense and allow people to do what's right for them.

  • Does saying medically assisted make it sound better?

    Suicide is still suicide, i can understand if they're in a state them being unable to voice their mind, in pernament coma and their body is unable to function properly but assisted suicide is no different to giving the gun to someone and offering the other to pull the trigger.

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