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  • No, because payouts are already not adequate.

    Medicare and Medicaid payouts should not be lowered. Medical costs are staggeringly high, and the poor who benefit from Medicare and Medicaid cannot afford to shoulder the increased cost. Reform should center on reducing the cost of treatment. This has been addressed in part by the ACA, with an emphasis on getting more people to take advantage of preventative care, since it is cheaper to prevent disease than treat it.

  • Doesn't Make Sense

    I do think Medicare and Medicaid reforms should contain lower payouts to recipients. To me, this proposition doesn't make any sense. The only benefit paid out by these plans is health care, there are no payouts to the recipients (the patients). So you can't lower something that doesn't exist. You could lower the claimable amounts for procedures and effectively enact a price control if at the same time you required doctors to cover and treat the patients. However, if you were to do that, who's to say some doctors who are only concerned with money might be more willing to let a patient die if they are on Medicare or Medicaid because that would open them up to the opportunity of treating more patients that aren't part of one of these systems.

  • No, I don't think medicare and medicare reforms should contain lower payouts to recipients.

    I believe a deep examination of who is receiving what on these programs needs to be conducted and any if there is found to be overpayment to an individual to reduce the amount given to them in the future but overall I don't believe the reforms should bing a broad cut to recipients.

  • No, definitely not.

    If anything medicare and medicaid should be expanded to cover all citizens, because it is such an effective form of healthcare and so well run. It does cost a lot, of course, but so does war. We should not lower payouts to recipients by any means. That would be pathetic.

  • No, Medicare and Medicaid should pay what is owed.

    As an insurance provider, it is the duty of these companies such as Medicare and Medicaid, to provide true and honest payouts. This meaning that they should provide the total costs of the assistance provided, and nothing more, or nothing less. Anything higher or lower should be considered fraud, unless necessary documentation is shown .

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