• Medicare should be available for all people 50 and over.

    Medicare should be available for all people 50 and over. We work hard all of our lives towards being able to put money aside for when we get older. I think it is not fair that they try to keep us from being able to have Medicare and make it so difficult to get.

  • Since people over 50 can't find full time jobs, might as well gve them Medicare.

    Let's make Medicare and a portion of their Social Security available to people over the age of 50. The recession that we are still trying to get over has hit people over 50 really hard. Many of them lost jobs and remain long term unemployed. If they were allowed to receive Medicare and a percentage of their Social Security, they would at least stand a chance of making ends meet with a part time job.

  • No It Shouldn't

    Medicare is the magically health care plan that all people want, some people don't look forward to this program and that is rightfully so, especially since it doesn't offer 100% coverage. I do not believe it should be available to all people over 50. Ages for Medicare are currently much higher than that and they should stay that way.

  • Make it available to everyone.

    I do not think that Medicare should be an exclusive "50 and over" club. With the health care crisis we have in the United States, it is my belief that Medicare should cover all Americans. It should be turned into a universal, taxpayer supported, "free" health care system. That would do us so much good.

  • No, I don't think medicare should be available for all people 50 and over.

    I think that the Government should not be in the business of providing public health care to everyone 50 and over, I think that private health insurance plans are the way to go for the majority of people and they work fine for the vast majority, I think Governmental subsidies to afford these plans could be made available to people 50 and over.

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