• Medicare should be free at age 65.

    You pay your medicare taxes over your lifetime and then when it is time to retire, you'd think all your healthcare costs will be covered until you die. But, then you find out that you still have to pay monthly premiums out of your social security payments, plus have to pay huge deductibles
    and pay coinsurance or buy additional coverage with max out of pocket of $4-5k Per year. What a scam. Medicare health coverage and prescriptions should be free for seniors, not laden with extra charges of deductibles and insurance copays. The current medicare part A,B,C,D, is completely ridiculous and it certainly isn't free.

  • Medicare should be free.

    Medicare should be free. Seniors that have spent years paying taxes and people that have worked but can no longer do so should have health care without having to worry about being able to afford it. Everyone should have access to health care, and people that have spent years paying taxes should have free health care.

  • Medicare should be free, good health is a right.

    Yes, Medicaid should be free as should any form of health care. The United States Declaration of Independence lists three inalienable rights; life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. For a right to be inalienable, it means that those rights cannot be taken away. The right to live hinges upon health, and even more so, the right to the pursuit of happiness hinges upon good health. Thus, Medicaid and other forms of health care should be free.

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