• We middle class need medicare

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  • Yes, because they can afford it.

    If there is a chance that those with relatively low incomes are not going to get Medicare over the long term, then those who have a lot of accumulated wealth, perhaps over a million dollars, and a certain monthly income, should still have it but should be made to pay more on a sliding scale.

  • Yes, Medicare should cost more for those who are rich.

    I think that, as with many things in life, everyone has to pay their fair share. Just because someone is wealthy does not mean that they are exempt from paying what is considered fair. Medicare is a good example of this. If someone is fortunate enough to be wealthy, they should pay more.

  • The "rich" have already paid for their Medicare.

    In order to qualify for Medicare you have to have already paid into it a working history of 5 years. Why is it "fair" for anyone to pay more than anyone else? Shouldn't those who get to pay less feel stigmatized if they realized they are being supported by others? Seems like a self-serving definition of fairness to me. How about: "even handed... Without favoring one party"?

  • No it should be FREE

    Sick is sick. Germs do not care if you are rich or poor. Disease is universal. The rich do not deserve better treatment than the poor but they get it because the rich actually CAN afford health care where the poor cannot. If health care were free everyone would be on an equal level. It works in many other countries.

  • Wealthy People Need Medicine Too!

    Just because a person is wealthy does not mean that they should be charged more for Medicare. If you are using Medicare's services you are retired and therefore this theoretical wealthy person has no salary. They may have cash flow from stocks or investments but have no steady job. They will still need to use just as many (or few) of Medicare's services as middle class people. If a wealthy person walked into a supermarket should they need to pay more for a bottle of lemonade than anybody else? Of course not. Even though Medicare is a bigger commitment, the philosophy should remain the same.

  • No It Shouldn't

    It would be wrong for the government to charge the wealthy more for Medicare. Anyone seeking these services needs help and should be able to get it without getting taxed ridiculously because of their income. People shouldn't have to pay more unless they decide to go with some type of private insurance.

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