Should medication be used to treat mental illness?

  • Yes, in moderation.

    I think that someone with a true mental illness should be treated with every available resource, simply because doing so could prevent a tragedy. If you look at all the recent mass shootings, how many of those could have been prevented if the shooters had gotten proper help for their illnesses? Also, how many more people would be able to do great things in the world if their illnesses were under control? Aside from all that, a person with a mental illness could have their quality of life greatly improved with the right medication.

  • Yes,medication should be a part of the overall treatment plan for those who suffer a mental illness since it has documented value.

    The treatment of those with mental illnesses requires a complete plan that includes medications, Psychotherapy and life skills training. Medications are an important part of the overall plan. They allow the mentally ill person to overcome biological shortcomings, like imbalanced amount of certain neurotransmitters. This is immensely helpful in giving them a push towards recovery and managing their mood and behavior. It allows those suffering from mental illness to more easily take part in everyday activities. It also increases their level of self-reliance and independence.

  • IF that is what is needed

    And the way to determine if it is needed is a physical test which shows the imbalance that the medication can balance. Not just a general assumption that the trial of a med to see if it will work the way it does with the focus group studied. The prescriptions should be individualized absolutely per case. The adjustments to these meds per prescription trial is very testing to ones physical well being as well as the mental well being already under question.

  • Mental illness must be controlled by using medication

    Mental illness is another common illness which got to be treated carefully... It is maybe more dangerous in someway than the others illnesses, that is why it requires more attention and a perfect medication for each case of mental illness... Mental illness sometimes is produced because of some deficiencies of the brain and even some body organs which have been affected by other illnesses. Hence, it is extremely necessary to control it with the suited medication and the most important with big emotional lift...

  • Medication Should Be Allowed to Treat Mental Illness

    As much as I would have liked to call counter-point on this issue, I cannot in all good consciousness debate the topic successfully. Modern medicine has made successful breakthroughs that are proving to be beneficial in the treatment of mental illness. These medications, and their exact usage, lie beyond my medical and psychological expertise, so to argue against their proven practice would be impossible. Should all of the avenues of psychological therapy be completely exhausted before using medication? Most certainly they should, but to assert that these helpful medicines should not be available to those who truly need them, would be not only insensitive to those experiencing mental health illnesses, but also narrow minded.

  • It should not be used because drugs are prescribed way too often.

    As someone who has witnessed the problem of prescribing drugs too often in the case of illness, mental or otherwise, I think that we need to take it easy when we are dosing people with the kind of stuff that we really never have any idea what it does to us.

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