Should medications be discontinued due to serious side effects?

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  • Description of my posted question above.

    I apologize people. It seems my post had an loading error so I had to repost this topic again but making the question concise this time. My opinion for the question I asked above is that there are mentally challenge people whom suffer obstacles of improving their progress of life-skills, Independence, Responsibility, Industriousness, Self-defense, Maturity, Ingeniousness, Etc. , And they would need of adapting traits of daily routines such as eating healthy/balanced diet (organic is better), Clean air, Being active at all times (even mental/physical exercise), Hygiene/self-care, Self-therapies, Other nourishment necessities to live healthy normal lives. Whenever the mentally challenged are suddenly determined to live a normal life, People would not wholly support them for that and they infantilize them.

    Sadly, Due to these possibilities below they grew up unnourished lives:
    -Having parents failed to act on their duties properly for them.
    -Poorly Raised.
    -Long-term poor diet.
    -Lack of outdoor habit.
    -Unsophisticated influence from the wrong company. (e. G. Drug dealers, Brawlers, Etc. )
    -Lack of social life.
    -Lack of education.
    -Lack of willpower.
    -Lack of ingenuity. (weak-minded)
    -Poor hygiene.
    -Long-term polluted environmental living.
    -Living a folly life.
    -Poor relationship skills.
    -Trauma. (of any kind)
    -Poorly taught of virtues.
    -Victim of constant betrayals.
    -Drug abuse.
    -Stress without treating it naturally.
    -Lack of sleep.
    That is as far as I can think of.

    If people can get better by being properly taught and work out their lives until they are ready for complete independence to looking after and defend themselves then supervision would no longer be necessary.

    Here are the links that explains similar to my opinions:

    http://www. Apa. Org/monitor/2012/06/prescribing. Aspx

    https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=luKsQaj0hzs

  • It really depends on the medication.

    As long as the side effects do not interfere with a person's life more than the actual condition they are treating, I do not see a reason for them to be discontinued. Sure, Some conditions could be treated with a healthy diet and exercise, But that is not always the case.

    Some conditions may actually physically hurt the person (such as a severe form of agoraphobia), And I would totally understand such a person to be taking anti-anxiety medication, As the benefits greatly outweigh the possible side effects.

    Other people may not have the possibility to cope with their problems without medication, And it would get pretty ugly if you went to someone who has suffered severe trauma in multiple occasions of his life and told him "Don't worry! You don't need this crappy medication, Have this salad leaf instead, It will make you feel all better! "

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