Should mega-malls be allowed to die without help?

  • Mega malls should live on their own

    Mega Malls should be on their own and if they can no longer support themselves they should die out. We should not be using any government money to help a mega mall survive longer. If the mall is successful great, when it stops being successful it is time to move on.

  • Yes, it's a waste of time and money to protect them

    Mega-malls have been adversely affected by several things; the economy, internet purchasing, and the search for something different. In my opinion, their growth was somewhat of a fad. The fad is passing and their business is declining. I don't see how we can justify taxpayer investment into another failing business, especially one that might not survive anyway.. They are a business, when businesses aren't competitive they fail. It's up to investors to come up with a creative way to retain stores and customers.

  • Mega-Malls are Unnecessary

    Without a doubt, mega-malls are unnecessary, and they're even dying out thanks to the weakened economy. For that reason, these mega-malls should be allowed to die out without any assistance. Some of these malls will easily weather the storm, but those that lose stores should eventually be shut down for good.

  • It's a Business

    If a business is no longer viable or consumers are no longer interested, then the natural thing for that business to do is close. I believe if people are no longer interested in shopping in malls, then most definitely they should be allowed to die. Businesses that don't turn a profit shouldn't be helped out, they should be closed.

  • Yes, mega-malls do not need bailing out.

    Mega-malls are falling out of fashion and struggling to gain customers. But it's not the responsibility of the government to get involved in bailing out a retail establishment. If they are struggling, they should come up with their own plans of how to gain more customers. Competing with online businesses is difficult, but nothing can beat the atmosphere and feel of being in a mall and its exclusive stores, and they should play up on that. That being said, if they received any type of help, it would set a bad precedent for other struggling businesses.

  • Allowing mega-malls to die creates urban waste.

    Aside from the considerable amount of local jobs that would be lost, mega-malls are extremely expensive large structures that, if left to rot, become community eye sores and wasted real estate. Instead, mega-malls should be re-purposed as muti-functional facilities. Community centers, apartment homes or even schools are just a few possibilities of possible establishments that could be integrated into the empty space of mega-malls in order to make them a friendlier community environment and prevent the continuation of unnecessary urban sprawl.

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