Should members of Congress be able to make stock trades using their knowledge as government insiders?

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  • Members of Congress shouldn't be allowed to trade using inside knowledge

    One of the great problems facing this country is the influence of money on politics. Many Americans, myself included feel that we often don't have a voice. Allowing members of Congress to trade using insider knowledge would catastrophic to the nation. It would only make Americans feel more estranged from their government.

  • This Should Be Fixed

    Given the amount of information members of Congress have access to, I do not think they should be allowed to trade any stocks. I think it would be better, when a person enters Congress, to freeze all of their stock transactions and require them to leave them alone. That or not allow people in Congress who invest in the stock market.

  • Congress should be subject to law.

    The rest of the population can't be involved with insider trading and Congress should be no different. Members of Congress should not abuse Congressional knowledge or power by using it to make stock market trades. It sets a very bad example. Congress should always be subject to the same laws as others are.

  • If it is illegal for the average person then it should be illegal for congress members

    No, I do not think that members of congress should be able to make stock trades using their knowledge as government insiders. Everyone should be held to the law regardless of what their position is. If Martha Stewart can be punished, then it should be fair across the board. No one should receive special treatment, not even congress.

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