• Congress should be held accountable with drug testing

    For citizens to gain and maintain employment in the private sector, they often must pass drug tests. Many states are now requiring recipients of public assistance to also pass drug testing. The members of congress should also be held to the same standard as the people they claim to represent.

  • Drug Testing and More

    Members of Congress are government employees and one of the few that do not get tested for drugs. They should not be exempt from the standards for government employ simply because they are higher up on the food chain. If the country expects their mailmen and social workers to be drug-free, it is imperative that those making policy decisions for millions be drug-free as well.

  • Yes, if anyone should be drug tested, it's our elected officials.

    Congress is extremely important to our democracy. We elect members of Congress to make important decisions and introduce new legislation on our behalf. They also get paid very large salaries, yet only work about half of the year. It's a huge privilege to be a member of Congress. We need to make sure that they are not influenced by any outside factors, such as drugs.

  • Members of Congress should not be subjected to random drug testing.

    Drug testing is a huge invasion of privacy and should only be undertaken when there is a very good reason. Congress should overturn all laws that mandate drug testing for groups of people (for instance, welfare recipients). By the same token, Congresspersons should not be subject to drug testing either.

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