Should members of Congress praise the President for Congressional authorization in Syria?

Asked by: DavidMGold
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  • No they Shouldn't

    Before even congress gets involved they should consider the repercussions economically and to the institution in which they serve for. Is it really worth thousands of troops, billions of dollars just for rumors of chemical weapons last time they did that we got our hands messy in iran/iraq for no reason ; there were no wmds. BEFORE they even consider doing anything rather than going on their own intuitions as well as those of informants from the rebels they should attempt in obtaining hard evidence. Evidence that can be presented to the UN. CONGRESS IS NOT ONLY ANSWERABLE TO US BUT ALSO GOD !

  • It is absurd!

    Congress has the power to declare war under the Constitution of the United States. Some how, in this upside down world of politics in Washington D.C., Obama asserted that he already has the authority to strike Syria but decided to let Congress have a say in it and then these members of Congress start praising the decision...Your praising him for saying he is above the Constitution and decided to let Congress in on what is in their legal authority on the issue of war. He knows the vast majority of the country are opposed to it and despite this he is expecting the McCainiacs of Congress to rubber stamp and ram it through to give him political cover. Lest we forget in Libya that the President illegally went to war. America has become Al-Qaeda's air force and the failure in Afghanistan is ignored entirely.

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