Should members of families who used to engage in organized crime be required by law to compensate for those injustices financially?

  • Yes they should

    Yes, I think that if they did this then they would be a lot better about not ever wanting to do crime again in an organized way, and I think that a lot of families would not want to be any part of one of these crime rings if it happened.

  • Yes, I think family members who benefited from organized crime should be required to compensate victims.

    If there is direct proof that a family member in a organize crime family directly financially benefited from criminal activity then I do believe that money should be seized as distributed to those effected negatively by the organized criminals, If there is no direct proof or they are just related but had nothing to do with the organized crime part of the family then I don't think they should be effected.

  • It would Make Sence

    Actually, people in organized crime do compensate for the injustices they have committed. The money just goes to the government and not the people the family members wronged. Of course, that is what they have in their bank accounts and stuff like that. Who knows what happens to the money if the member's of organized crime hid the money?

  • Reparations cannot be endless.

    No, they should not. If they were directly involved in crime, they had fines and fees assessed by the courts that they should pay. That's the limit of it. If you mean the broader family, how would that be fair to some fourth generation Soprano working at an accounting firm in the Midwest? He's never done anything more criminal than jaywalk. You wanna bankrupt him? Get outta here!

  • No, that should not be.

    If my great grandfather caused the pain and suffering of a person's family, I would be more than happy to personally apologize to them, condemn my grandfather, and wish my condolences. But I shouldn't be forced to pay for something I had no part in. That is just a bit out of control.

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