Should members of the LGBT community be able to adopt children?

  • It's beneficial to the kids and the parents.

    There are millions of children in the world who are in need of a home. Why should we oppose the adoption of these children by those willing to offer a safe home for them, Regardless of sexuality, Race, Gender identification or otherwise? If they can offer a safe, Welcoming home for children who need it, They should be allowed to adopt.
    Besides, Just because they can't reproduce doesn't mean they should be excluded from raising children. Their sexuality doesn't make them any worse as parents.

    And as for bullying: The ignorance and cruelty of ignorant people shouldn't limit the rights of others.

  • Millions of children are waiting for adoption

    Currently, There are 114, 000 children waiting to be adopted in the United States. And that's just 1 country; around the world, There are millions of children waiting to join a loving home, And if that loving home just so happens to contain two fathers or two mothers, So be it.

  • Of course they should be able to!

    The Unites States is having increasingly more trouble finding families to adopt or foster a child. Depriveng members of the LGBT community to adopt or foster children would only make this problem even more critical. Children have no parents to care for them, And gay couples could give them a home and help they grow as a person. More than 22 states now allow way couples to adopt children. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, “state agencies and courts no apply a ‘best interest of the child’ standard to decide these cases. Under this approach, A person’s sexual orientation cannot be the basis for ending or limiting parent-child relationships unless it is demonstrated that is causes harm to a child. ” Gay couples are just like straight couples. The only difference is that there are two people of the same sex, Instead of one of each. They will not, In most cases, Harm the child. They should be able to adopt children just like straight couples.

  • It is ethically wrong to deny them the right.

    If members of the LGBT community and the parent to the kid being adopted both agree to the exchange it is immoral for a third party to intervene. This is because all humans have the right to move their bodies how they want and in effect how they interact with others.

  • Of course yes! Because when straight couples abandon their children, Gays can adopt and take care of them!

    Some Catholic people say that gays shouldn´t adopt child's because it makes the children "lost your parental reference" but we know that´s not really what it´s all about. The children can have a very positive parental reference living with 2 dads or 2 moms. It depends on the individuality of each one. The real problem is that foster homes are crowded with children waiting to be loved. So, It doesn´t matter the sexual option of the couple that will really love them.

    Posted by: Naju
  • Giving an orphan a home should never be seen as a bad thing

    There's no evidence supporting the fact that children raised by same sex couples are underdeveloped because of the lack of a traditional family hierarchy.

    And you would think the people who are crazy about "the goal of marriage is to reproduce" Would find some happiness in the fact that children abandoned by parents "not fulfilling their duties of raising a child" get to be part of a family who does have an interest in raising a child, Even if they are a gay couple.

  • Members of the LGBT community should be able to adopt children.

    I don't really think it matters who adopts a child, As long as they end up with parents. Why should it matter whether someone is gay or straight? As long as the child is receiving the proper care that it needs, It shouldn't matter. So, Why are people against this proposal? Because they are afraid. They are afraid of what will happen if we put children in the hands of gay people. This fear is illogical and silly. What are we afraid of? What are we hiding from? Many people will try to deny it. They simply say that homosexuality is inherently wrong. While they may believe this, They are actually afraid of them. Afraid because they are different. In conclusion, It shouldn't matter who adopts these children, As long as they are gaining the help they need.

  • Supporting gay adopt

    I think there’s a need for children who have no one to care for them deserve to be loved of course they should be definitely screened very carefully. There are bad parents weather straight or gay who abuse children and even if heterosexual abuse their kids in many ways just because they’re “normal “ doesn’t make them better just as they’re vile homosexual people who can’t be trusted so good screening for this people should be taken hetero/ gay

  • The more gays, The more they ruin their children, The less children are in foster homes!

    More gays, More adoptions. More they make their children gay or whatever, The more they will adopt later in life. Less children are being made, So there will be less for them to go into foster homes. Less foster homes equals more money saved on the financial front, More children saved, And more happy families

  • I feel that LGBT members should have equal adoption rights!

    Too many children are looking for families to call their own, And why should we take what hope they have left away from them? More children would be happy and LGBT couples can feel like a happy family with there children, And most of the opposing arguments have the same point, It's immoral and disgusting, But that's just ridiculous to take away someones hope of having a functional family.

  • No, Children should be raised by a couple who doesn't share the same sex.

    What is the point of sex? To produce children? Can gay people procreate? No? Then what's the point of allowing gay people to adopt children, Even though homosexuality is inherently wrong in the first place? They shouldn't be able to adopt children. People have false logic. This madness must stop.

  • This should never be allowed.

    There is never an instance where homosexuals should be adopting children. It's bad enough when children are unfortunately born to homosexuals and have to suffer such a poor example from their parents. To take a child and place him or her in the care of degenerates who have no rights or obligations to raise that child otherwise is a horrible injustice to the child, Who will likely grow up thinking this perversion is an acceptable behavior.

  • Not the ideal.

    The ideal is for the child to identify the people that raised them as their parents. This is why the younger the child is, The better. If the child does not recognize the ones who are raising them as their parents, There may be little if any parental bonding. Basically, It moves their relationship away from family and closer to strangers they live with.
    There is also the matter of the child's acceptance. Being seen as different does have emotional side effects as other kids and people around them may look at them differently. Being known as adopted would be tough enough but add into it that your adopted parents are LGBT would make it much worse. Sure, Today, LGBT is a more acceptable lifestyle but far from being normal. Kids have a hard enough time growing up normally, Why sabotage it?

  • Their Totally Gay

    If Their Gay, Lesbian or even Trans then they shouldn't be allowed to adopted a child. This is the miracle of child birth is best when it happens to you, Not when someone has it and then you just steal their child and start raising them. Also personally I wouldn't want to get raised by two homos

  • I'm more against it than for it

    I think a child should be raised by a mother and a father that way it makes an equal balance of morals and things to be taught to the child. For instance - a baby boy, There's only so much a mother can teach him as a woman, But as for a father he will be able to teach the child a little more, Vice versa if they have a baby girl. So it's good and more ideal (obviously) to have a mom and dad. Two different sexes. Now as for same sex? Not so much. But hey, Who am I to control what other people do if two men or two women want to adopt a child go for it, You do you, If you like it I love it. They could be great parents. But here is the problem - I know that all same sex couples may not do this, But don't control and steer the child into becoming like you. Don't make the child gay or lesbian. Let the child be them and be who they are. Now if they do turn out that way then okay cool but it would be better if it wasn't because of the parents, Instead that is just how they were born and who they are. I'm not in no way shape or form saying that a mother and a father who has their child will turn out not gay. Because there are gay/bisexual people with mothers and fathers. If two men want to adopt a child then okay, That's on them. If two women want to then cool, But one of the women could have a choice of artificial insemination rather than adopting, Meaning that they can have their own child, Their own blood - and they have every right to do so. That's their body. Or hell, Even if both of them women want artificial insemination, Cool. In closing: I'm more against this than for this. Also, If a child has two dads or two moms they might grow up in a rough upbringing, They might get made fun of at school and stuff.

  • Tbh they are gay so nah.

    They should let the child choose if they want to be adopted by a gay. However, If the child were like nah its alguds fam then its fine idgaf. But if the child is gonna be bullied in school by some retarded Asians then its not fine. Peace out fam.

  • Disgusting degeneracy and immoral

    It is not natural. Poor child shouldn’t suffer, Due to two indivuals who have mental disorders due to child abuse and or sexual abuse in their own childhood. Overall it’s just a plain bad and homosexuals should die without reproducing and therefore ending the trend known as homosexuality. Thank you

  • Mentally disturbed individuals are unfit to raise children, Adopted or not.

    As LGBT as a whole is a disease of the mind; a deviant and immoral gospel designed to undermine the self-esteem of the individual by having them sign away their pillars of decency and duty to procreate first. I have to admit this is excellent propaganda to profit off the vulnerable and weak-minded; and have depopulation and monetary profit through normalizing and endorsing delusion. However it is obvious that mental slaves and disturbed individuals that practice or profess counterproductive, Anti-human ideals in the interest of fulfilling their depraved and blind lusts will cause the death or mental scarring of the child/children that finds themselves in such a reprehensible predicament. No sick people raising children means an increased popular preference towards socially responsible and upright individuals; which are the brick and mortar of a truly perfect civilisation. Only by expelling parasites can a plant truly flourish; and only by expelling insolence can humanity achieve a perfected, Beautiful future.

  • No, The child should decide

    The child should decide if they want o be adopted by gay parents. Some children might have religious beliefs that go against homosexuals. They will not want to be adopted by them. They should have their own voice heard. This is not a perfect solution but i hope this helps.

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