Should memes be taught in school? 100% serious question right here!

  • Cause school brorin as f

    School should have some things fun to learn because you would not wake up every morning with no enthusiasm so you would just be depressed an when you go home your still depressed so you just sit in your room doing homework for like 20 years till you pass college

  • Yes it's art

    I believe they should be as it is a form of expressive arts and can be used as primary sources in the next 50 years in History lessons. Also I think they are a fun educational way to learn as they will make the students focus more as they are enjoying the lesson.

  • Memes are good

    Memes can be good entertainment for children. They could make school a fun place to be, And kids could actually look forward going to school. It would give kids the opportunity to learn about something that they find entertaining. Kids could be more cheerful and more prepared to learn about other subjects.

  • Keep up with the times

    A -good- meme could teach an entire lesson. It would be interesting and could keep childrens attention- as it's something kids nowadays love. It's good to change up teaching styles every once and a while. Its not "pointless" because memes can actually teach a lot of things. We, As people, Have to keep up with the times- that means schools do too.

  • What's the point?

    Kids already have so much pointless knowledge they won't use being shoved down their throats, So let's not add more. Also, Waste of resources and time even if you try to make the class fun. Please, Stop and consider that everyone has limited time and that human life is very short. If some prick wants to learn memes, They can just go learn it on the internet. Also, "serious question"? Yea right.

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