• Equality for men!

    Men should be equal to women. Why shouldn't a man be able to feel pretty and wear soft, colorful and lacy clothes, heels, dangling earrings and pretty red toe and finger nail polish? Men should also be able to wear pretty undergarments like satin panties and lace bras. Women today can wear whatever they want but if a man wears a lovely dress or skirt, he is considered an outcast, it's just not fair.

  • God would have wanted equality!

    Shouldn't we all be equal? God made all of us not so that we can judge others and lessen their opportunities, but so that we are equal and we can share any opportunity possible with one another so we can grow both physically and mentally. Men and women are all human and should be treated with the same respect. Ignore the STEREOTYPES and you will see this too. Men aren't necessarily the breadwinners and women aren't necessarily the housewives, aren't we wise enough to realize this, they are stereotypes. It doesn't matter if your male or female we should all be equal. We work hard to get to places and everyone does so why are we treated differently?

  • We are all human.

    Men and women are both made by God, and we are both human, so women should be the same as everyone else. For example men, even though some men think they are physically, mentally and emotionally much stronger than women, at some times women can be physically, mentally and emotionally stronger.

  • Men and Women are equal-Choice brought Unequality.

    Men and women were both born from the same planet, the same rock-we started out from scratch-the same species, and therefore we started out equal. Even though we started equal, opinions and unequality formed throughout early history, as one sex of the same species was 'chosen' to forever represent the softer, weaker and more gentle side to our race. In another view, men and women's jobs are equally important-as without the warrior-where would be the safety? And without the mother-where would be the warrior? Without either of the carefully crafted sex's, the perfectly crafted system would fall apart, so therefore men and women ARE equal-only just now are women changing their "role" that they had crafted for themselves at the beginning of our race, (homo sapiens,).

  • Of course they should.

    Gender inequality is still a major issue in our world. It not only causes society to teach men to think women as their sex toys and their cheap entertainment, as well as making them think that it's okay to make jokes of them, but it also is a problem for men too.

    If a man is raped, or he is abused by a female relative, hardly anyone will take him seriously. This is because of gender inequality and society's view saying that men are abusers and women are victims when men can be too. They associate being a victim with 'femininity' and that is problematic.

    It's sad that's already 2013 and that misogyny and gender equality is still a massive issue.

  • Hoping for equality

    Men and Women should be equal. Everyone should be treated fairly in the world. We are all human. Man and Woman are both made from God, so women should be treated equally. They both work hard to get to places and so why are they getting treated differently. It just doesn't make sense. We should ignore the stereotypes and get into the real world.

  • We Don't Have give a dang Heck about who we are

    Who cares if we weren't designed to be equal we are in charge of ourselves. We don't have to listen to those useless old generations that are about to die off. Instead we can even shun them if we want. Since they didn't make us treat each other equally, they did a bad job when they were our age. That is something that former generations should be treated badly for. It's up to us to make sure future generations don't end UP SPITTING ON OUR GRAVES WHEN WE DIE.

  • An equal world is a good world

    If everyone gets treated the same everyone will have the same chance in life. A man should not get paid more just because he is a man. Equal pay for equal work and one should not be limited to work in a category just because it happens to be what people of ones sex has worked with before. In a society where everyone is equal no one will have to feel like they are cast a side.

  • YES

    Men and Woman should be equal. Men and Woman have proven that they can for the most part complete the same tasks and take on the same responsibilities. There are sexist people who do not stand by this but I know this is true and everyone should realize it. Woman work construction sites, can be judges, lawyers, etc. While men can stay at home, be nannies, or be chefs.

  • Gender equality rules.

    Just because people's traditions since the old times were that men are more superior doesn't mean we need to keep going like that. We are all human beings and when did the idea start of men being more superior? We both have a role in life therefore are all equal. Gender equality.

  • It is impossible.

    Although we're all humans, it is impossible because most men are physically and mentally superior. Anyone who thinks not on mental aspect is delusional because almost all men can still think logically under pressure while women in most cases give in to emotions. Note: IQ does not measure intelligence. Intelligence partly covers mental strength. Women are emotionally strong and are able to multi-task that's why they SUPPORT men. Men focuses on one thing at a time and becomes barbaric when their minds become dull thus they take care child worse than women in most cases.

  • It is socially impossible

    Women and men can never be equal because, a man will never be able to hit a woman without social repercussions. I'm okay with this, but the day men can beat women like they do with their fellow man, will be the day that we achieve true equality for all! Personally I hope to never see that day.

  • Women Are Too Awesome

    It is hard for me to make an argument that women should be equal to men when I think we are far, far more superior. Men on the other hand are only as good as the control they have over their brain below the border, which usually isn't very much. Men will work their whole life to achieve something and throw it away for a few minutes. Women rarely do this.

  • Man and women are not equal

    First of all, there's no point arguing about this as we all know that men are Superior than women in many ways. Even logically speaking they are called man and woman for a reason. The question we should be asking is why women wants to be equal?? Is out of ignorance and jealousy??

  • Men and women will never be equal

    In an ideal society, no race or gender would be discriminated against. However, we live in a world where practicality is important. Women are already virtually equal; the "discrimination" against women arises from a natural difference in genders. Women were meant to nurture a family, and their bodies and minds are built as such.

  • Wrong question is being asked.

    This question is asked in a way that presumes right now men and women are not equal. While I strongly agree about women having the same right and responsibilities by law as men have, I understand there are differences among the 2 genders. The question is a liberal idiocracy, presuming we can change the current relationships among men and women. The truth is, all of us, women and men understand that we are different it is just that most people are not realizing it or don't want to share it with others.
    We both have the same ability to think for ourselves and make decision, this gives as equal power and responsibility. If some women are oppressed my law or parts of population it is their fault for accepting their reality. The female handicap is not in their true ability or mental capacity, but in their belief that they are being treated unequally because of their vagi*a. All humans who can think and make their own decision are equal, but the question is how we use that ability. Women have not been so assertive in areas like politics and business for obvious reasons. Most of them don't think it's important and are not as "passionate" about it as men. Who's fault is it that so few women start their own business and make a lot of money? Men's? Finding fault in somebody else without first checking your own wrong doing is wrong thinking.

    Women are equal when it comes to their mental abilities, but inferior because they don't use it the same way men do. We are the most successful species on our planet even with out gender differences, why change something that works?

  • Are all women equal? Are all men equal? To start with!

    Even among people of the same gender, there is no equality. Some men serve other men, some men server women, some women serve men, and some women serve other women. Some people are so poor, others are so rich; some are above the law, while the law is crushing others. Some people eat up other peoples wealth in the name of wallstreet, while others are suffering in mainstreet. Really i don't understand what is meant by equality. Will competition cease women become in charge of everything. Will everybody serve everybody when women become majority in governance and corporate world? While shouldn't children be equal to parents? The plain truth is that this is a complex we all came to meet, and as humans we would be dead before we can fathom everything. The struggle for survival can not permit equality. The best we can do is look at humanity as a whole!

  • Equality, never was or will be

    I'm sorry to say this but there will never be equality.I really want to believe that some day that men and women can be equal but i can't see that happening with wants going on around the world.It's sad that men and women will never be equal because of a differences of gender and expectations. With men they are expected to find food and hunt and do the hard work and be war heroes while women are expected to cook all the food and care for the children and get beat for the difference of gender.I hope to see equality one day but we all know it's not any time soon

  • Biological and neurological differences

    Men and women are designed for different purposes, together creating a perfect symbiosis.

    To say that both sexes are equal is a blight on the natural order and will soon bring about the downfall of civilization. A woman's way of thinking is inherently selfish as to protect her offspring and her competitive and irrational nature is not suited for rule.

  • Men are physically superior and mentally more stable

    Women have been depicted as chaotic compared to men in many ancient texts, the Enuma Elish, etc. What does that tell you? And no, I don't take ancient texts for truth (unlike many theists), but women are known to be more emotionally unstable whereas men are more logically based. That's why most of the highly respected professionals in the fields are men, not women.

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