• I thought this was the 21st century.

    Umm, yeah! Why wouldn't they? What happened to progress? I mean honestly. I just kind of feel that it is just common sense that everyone get paid the same thing if they complete the same job. It is like saying, "You have blond hair, I like brown hair better so I'm going to pay this guy more than you". And it shouldn't just be this way in sports! Women should be paid an equal amount in every profession.

  • I'm not trying to be rude but maybe I am....

    Anyone who thinks that feminism is about destroying fraternity you are extremely mistaken, you see feminists only want complete equality and fairness between the sexes. All athletes- men or women should be paid the exact same amount. Many of you may argue that there is more money in men sports so that is the reason they are paid more. Perhaps I would accept this if there was not such an obvious solution. MALE TEAMS MUST SUPPORT AND ADVERTISE FEMALE TEAMS. The whole stigma of the alpha male needs to be destroyed, EVERYONE IS EQUAL

  • We are all humans

    Men and woman should get paid the same amount of money. Lebron James makes 31,000,000 a year and one of best women basket ball players Candace Parker makes 111,500 a year. I'm just saying that they are doing THE EXACT SAME THING. People can be really sexist, they are doing the exact same thing but women get paid less.

  • We are all humans

    Men and woman should get paid the same amount of money. Lebron James makes 31,000,000 a year and one of best women basket ball players Candace Parker makes 111,500 a year. I'm just saying that they are doing THE EXACT SAME THING. People can be really sexist, they are doing the exact same thing but women get paid less.

  • We are all humans

    Men and woman should get paid the same amount of money. Lebron James makes 31,000,000 a year and one of best women basket ball players Candace Parker makes 111,500 a year. I'm just saying that they are doing THE EXACT SAME THING. People can be really sexist, they are doing the exact same thing but women get paid less.

  • Equal Pay for Equal Play

    People, this is simple, women and men are the same and should be treated equally! Take for example, the National Women's Soccer Team they have won 3 World Cups! The men are doing so hot, they have won 0 and the closest they have come is 3rd place in 1930! So women and men are equal, I hate it that administrations think they can just step on women like they are garbage! This is exactly how voting for women went, men did not like the idea that women should vote! Know look at today women and men are voting doesn't seem to pose a problem for me! Yet it's taken this long or longer for women to get the same amount of pay, you have got to be kidding me! And people men and women can be equally good at something ever heard of Carli Lloyd or Abby Wambach.

  • Women are athletes too!!!

    Men in sport get paid bucket loads. Why is this? Well there is absolutely no excuse for this!! Women deserve to get paid equally. Let's break this down. It is like if you were to have male cats get a full bowl of food and then give female cats a half a bowl of food. Do you think this is fair? I don't think so. Women are athletes too in the way that they work just as hard as men and do the same sport as men. Why are we only feeding the male cats? Women are athletes too.

  • You better believe they should!!!

    Women play just as hard if not harder than men but they don't get paid as much. Men make MILLIONS for basketball but women are luck to bring home thousands. How the F is this fair??? After seeing the women win the 2015 women world cup in soccer I think they deserve to bring home more than 2 million.

  • Are you freaking kidding me?

    Take a regualr job for example. Say delivering papers. One man and one woman, but they get payed differently because of their gender? Are you serious? I can almost guarantee that everyone who thinks men should get paid more are men. Men truly believe they are superior to women. Regardless of the physical aspect, which is a whole other issue i wont even start on. If two people are doing the same job, they should be paid the same. Plain and simple. Women work jsut as hard as men in their practices, their games. They have the same heart, if not more, and people think its okay to pay them less? Come on people

  • People are equal

    Athletes are competitive when it comes to sports, whether it is a female or a male. Know the saying "All men are created equal." It is like that in a way, racism shouldn't be allowed, then sexism shouldn't be allowed. It's like saying a girl can't play football or a guy can't cheer. Men and women both work hard for their pay and they should receive that amount

  • All blacks rugby team

    The all blacks rugby team have more advertising like powerade then the black ferns haven't put in the effat.Men can make as much as 40% more then women can for the some job.Netball is new zealads faviort stort both with the people that play and the public so of corse they will get paid more then the men's netball team

  • Topic: should liberalism aka irrationalism aka stupidism be toelrated?

    No!!!!!! Fight against the evil power known as liberalism! Fight against racist sentiments typically known as anti-whiteism!!!! Fight against the barbaric feminists who wants power above all else and will stop at nothing until they destroy our fraternity! When men give it their all and train their lives for a sport they should be paid more than weak women who takes the sport casually. Thank you all and have a nice day. God bless america

  • No.. Not equal but more

    In many cases women do all the work and men take the credit. Just look at the school environment. But to be fair, it should be on a case by case situation. There are lazy men and women. You work harder than someone else, you should be paid more. Maybe some women feel discouraged knowing they wont be paid the same as their male counterparts. Also, the male breadwinner argument fails in this day and age.

  • Sports is for entertainment

    Assuming that people do not consider men and women sport equally entertaining, they should not all be paid the same. Athletes should be paid on how many people like them. If more people like men sports over women sports, it is only reasonable to pay men more. Paying men and women equally after people would prefer more men sports (hypothetically) is communism. Communism is bad.

  • No, this is absurd

    A professional athlete's salary is generally a function of the amount of revenue the team/league/association is generating, and that player's ability relative to other players in the league.

    Women's sports in general (I don't know of any exceptions) do not garner the same interest as their male counterparts do. So, the leagues and teams earn much less revenue, which means that they would go out of business immediately if they had to pay each of their players millions of dollars in salary. The revenue is simply not there.

    The same goes for individual sports like golf and tennis (although perhaps to a lesser extent than team sports). The associations for women's sports generate less revenue on average, so they have less money to pay the players.

  • Men are just better at sport

    If women played in the men's group and played at the same level then yes absolutely pay them the exact same as a man with the same skill. But men are better at women in sport and until you can show me otherwise I don't think they should be paid as much.

  • This is ridiculous

    Every professional sports player gets payed on their ability to play the game. It's clear men have a physical advantage over women and when men out perform women at a sport they definitely deserve to get paid more. Take the NBA and WNBA for example, Kobe Bryant performs at a much higher level than Britney Griner meaning he deserves more money. All pay should be based on the quality of work

  • Pay A Fair Share

    Each different athletic event and division makes different amounts of money. The profits of the NFL and NHL are two drastically different numbers. The same is for the difference between the NBA and the WNBA. I think it is unreasonable to believe that men and women should be paid the same across all sports. The athletes should be compensated fairly in accordance with what their position and team bring to the association they are in.

  • Its not about men or women

    Its about performance AND market. Just like with any business, the employees (or in this case the players) get a portion of what the business (team) brings in. If there are not as many buyers, there wont be as much in the fund the employees, and that's it, it's basic economics. People that play football get paid more than people that play hockey...Why? Well, it's not because the hockey players aren't as good performers and athletes as football players, but because there is a bigger market for football and football generates more revenue than hockey, so there is more money available to the players. Players are also paid on performance and value to a team, so even within the same sport a single player is worth more money to one team than to another, or one team brings in more money than another and therefore have more to spend on a given player. Therefore they will get a higher pay working for one team over another. So there is A LOT more factors that go into an athletes pay and I do not think a single one of them has to do with the players sex.

  • Not because of each gender's ability to play or how competitive they are...

    But because of the market demand that exists for one gender's sport over the other. Men's football/baseball/UFC etc is far more popular and lucrative than the women's alternative. It is far more competitive as well; just as a man has an opportunity to make more money in one of these sports, they also carry with them a great risk to never get anywhere with it. Viewers want to see the best of the best go up against other bests of the best. This can be true of women's sports as well, but the lower market demand means smaller need for a high skill threshold. High risk + high demand = high reward. If the genders were switched, then it would make sense that women would get paid more. This has nothing to do with individual skill. It has everything to do with market demand.

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thinktank says2013-10-15T01:37:50.813
I almost voted yes.. But actually, I think women should be paid more. So no.