• Women don't have rights

    Women don't have rights. I say that we put them all in a secluded locations, away from the men, so that we can enjoy life. If any women rises through the social ladder then we must exterminate them as soon as possible. Thank you

    Arnold Benjaman
    PhD in history and literature

  • Women should be equal to men no matter what

    Women may not be physically stronger than men but they are mentally stronger meaning that they are smarter, more matured and well behaved. I'm not saying that men are not smart but you need to let women show you that they are just as good as men and can do anything. Women of nowadays should be given a chance. I strongly believe that women have equal rights to men

  • We're All Human

    I'm not saying women are physically stronger, or that men are dumber, I'm saying we're all human beings and should have the same spot in life no matter what. Whether you're black, white, yellow, whatever if you're a human then why should you not be treated like other humans on this planet?

  • Yes we're all humans.

    Men and Women are both the same type of species but in different forms. And I doubt we will advance as a species if we don't achieve equality. Also i am not going t o t y p e f i f t y w o r d s .

  • Equal Rights not Equal Beings

    I think the opposition clearly does not understand this question. We are granting people equal rights not equal jobs or positions. If we shoved women into jobs they aren't prepared for, the U.S. would be in shambles. What we are looking at is the fact that women are being rejected opportunities because they are simply women and this needs to stop. We are NOT saying that they are equal to men. We are NOT saying that they SHOULD be equal to men. We are simply saying that they should be given the CHANCE and OPPORTUNITY to be equal to men if they wish. But because this chance is not being given in society today because of the tunnel vision arguments of the opposition, this question is brought up, which I cannot see any reason to negate.

  • It's not ancient Greece anymore.

    Honestly, the only thing that separates men from women is what's in our pants and some simple biology. I see that as no reason to deprive them on any thing. Same the other way around too. I can't believe people still hold these types of views. Especially when it comes to Islam.

  • Everyone should have equal rights. EVERYONE.

    It's a no brainer - we're all human. This issue was settled in civilised countries long ago.
    The reason historically women didn't have rights is because they are physically weaker, and therefore were seen to be inferior especially in societies in which manual labour was pretty much all there was. Today we are not so ignorant as to match physical strength to worth as a person, and therefore we recognise that there is nothing that makes women inferior to men.

  • Equality should be seen as treating ALL humans EQUALLY.

    Men and Women are both the same type of species but in different forms. Why are we treating women differently from men? We are all human, therefore, we all have the ability to do whatever we can do. To be whatever we can be. To achieve whatever we want to achieve. In religious terms, "God made the world out of goodness and love for MEN and WOMEN". The world was made for all of us to enjoy it, but throughout the years, humanity has always been seen as men.... The professionals and women.... The minority.

  • They should be treated "EQUALLY" not "PARTIALLY"

    I used these two word because what I have seen in my society is: "Feminism is taking over Masculism".Our society is too busy to make Women equal to Men that they have almost forgotten the term "Equal". Advertisements, movies, jobs, or any field you choose, feminism is taking over Everything. Remember we started Feminism to make them equal to males..Not to Consume Men's right.They too are humans and they too need protection and Comfort!!

  • Yes they should!

    Men and Women are both the same thing and that is human. As humans we should be looking after each other and caring for each other no matter what this includes Race, Gender and Religion. Only together can we make this world a better place if we just keep using discrimination against one another then we will never be able to advance as a whole.

  • ???? ??? ??

    I wrote a big essay on this topic, but strangely it was deleted when I pressed "submit." This system always lags, but I thought i just needed to refresh... Soo, I guess I will just say that they cant be equal because women and men aren't the same, etc. But I really had a good argumentative essay... I was going to roast everyone :(

  • Ancient cultures are more driven towards males and so is religion and Yin and Yang

    Look, if you examine, women were never given rights in ancient times.Only in modern times where feminism has appeared have we seen women being able to vote and anything in the nature of women rights.You could argue that in ancient times, people had no sense of morality, however, if you have ever read the bible or Quran, you will understand that the moral principles of both ancient religions are quite moral.Yin partly represents femininity and it was born from chaos.The story of Adam and eve revolves around Eve falling for the serpent's lie and Adam falling for eve.I do not believe in the story but I believe that we can dissect from the story that men are gullible to women.Thus, if they were given equal rights which they have now, their opinions which is emotionally influenced would be most probably followed by men because they are gullible to them.

  • O.K hear me out.

    I support women and men having equip rights, but the way things are getting now is ridiculous. Remember how the army was almost (or was, I forgot) forced to allow women into the marines with LESS training than men just because they physically couldn't do the same amount of work so it was somehow sexist not too? Or how about the fact that you have to have certain % of female employees or your business can be sued, even in areas like construction? There have been MANY cases where a woman who is clearly less qualified than a man has taken her case to court over not getting a job AND WON. The fact is that men and women are naturally better at different tasks. That is not good and it is not bad. It just is. And rather than shouting "SEXIST!" Just because someone doesn't get their way, we should move past this and possibly even utilize it for everyone's benefit.

  • Women are inferior

    They are not equal. They are not equal. They are not equal. They are not equal. They are not equal. They are not equal. They are not equal. They are not equal.They are not equal. They are not equal. They are not equal.They are not equal.They are not equal.They are not equal.

  • Women should not be in the military

    To me it seems like abuse. Your risking a precious women's life with open gunfire and grenades against these psycho terrorist. Not cool. They should be able to vote, play sports, etc, but they shouldn't be able to be in war. They can have basically all the rights ACCEPT the ones that's not humane

  • This is stupid

    Ok im totally for equal rights but... I think that activists need to recognise their privledges. In olden times, it was the men who went to war and died for the women. Now, women are trying to take away their own right of safety by wanting to join the front lines to. Its a priveledge that you dont have to be drafted. Adknowledge it. Also, if a women says something rude to a man its considered "empowering". But if a man says the same exact thing its "sexist".

  • There isn't anything on this earth that is equal to another, be it animal, or human.

    Comparing women to men is making the wrong comparisons, each sex should only be compared to anther of the same sex. Women's interests and natures design have suited each sex for particular roles in life. Men and women's brains by nature are even different in size "Men's and women's brains found to be different sizes ...
    "Men's and women's brains found to be different sizes ... That men have a slightly larger overall brain volume than women, .."

    The strength of the average men is greater than a woman's.
    But these are qualities that distinguish the differences between the sexes. Both human sexes are equal in potential positive or negative value when viewed as equality between the sexes. When a woman fulfills her role in life as a daughter, and then a mate to her husband and a mother to her children she has brought honor to herself and to all of womanhood. And a man distinguishes himself when he is first a good son then a faithful husband and provider for his family. Outside accomplishments that each sex achieves individually while noticed are rewarded according to their value to society and is just

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