Should men be able to abdicate their paternal position while abortion is still possible?

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  • Definitely. If women can opt out of parenthood (as they can with abortion), men should have an equivalent option.

    I read a story a while ago about a boyfriend/girlfriend couple in Florida who got pregnant. The woman wanted the kid, the man didn't. As you can tell, the guy was in a very frustrating situation: he was doomed to either father a child he didn't want, or pay child support for 18 years. In the end, he tricked his girlfriend into taking an abortion pill, and he faced criminal charges afterward.
    Obviously, it was a major d*ck move on his part. However, one must admit that he wouldn't have been compelled to do it if he had a legal recourse to get out of parenthood. With this incident in mind, my answer to the question is yes.
    Of course, there should be limits on such an option. The father should only be able to abdicate while the woman is still able to have an abortion; that way, if he so chooses, he doesn't doom her to single parenthood. Otherwise, the option would just be an enabler for deadbeat dads. With the condition regarding possible abortion, he has as much freedom as she does, and none more.

  • Yes they should!

    When a women becomes pregnant, a man has no choice; this is in violation of the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment. Row vs Wade established that a woman's right to choose as a fundamental right. Women also have the choice of adoption and safe havens.

    Once a woman becomes pregnant however, a man has no choice. Women make an autonomous and independant decision about their life and then make the guy pay for it. This often proves to be financially devastating for men leading them to poverty and jail time.

    It's time to remove the asterisk behind "my body, my choice" stating "but if I choose to have it pal, you gotta pay". Your body. Your choice. Your responsibility.

  • Equal rights for both parents

    The mother of a child gets complete choice over whether they are a mother or not. They can have an abortion if they wish to not have the child. The father's fate is in the mother's hands. They have no choice over whether the child is aborted so they are left with two options - pay child support or be a father to a child. Both parents should have equal opportunity to choose whether they want to become a parent. However if the father opts out, they should not be able to change their mind.

  • The government should manage child support

    Child support leads to bitter interpersonal relationships. It leads to well-meaning fathers who have fallen on hard times being thrown in jail because they simply lack the ability to pay. Parents struggling to take care of their kids should get help, but it should come from the government rather than using the child support system.

  • Of course they should

    As has been stated above, mother and father are coequal partners in the life of a new child. If we live in a world of equality that so many woman push for, then the father should be given the same legal opportunities of the mother. Since the woman carries the child and a man cannot receive an abortion, then the man should be given a legally acceptable recourse for an unwanted pregnancy, within the bounds of the law already in place.

    Some might refute this position by suggesting that it is unreasonable to think that most woman would get an abortion after the father abdicates his responsibilities. However this is a moot point. What a woman does with her body after the father abdicates his responsibilities is entirely up to them, and if they choose to bring a child to term, then they will have to deal with the consequences of that choice.

  • They are the father, they still have a fatherly position.

    The Child is not the Mother's property... It is her child, as it is his... If she gets pregnant, half that child's DNA is his. If he is the father, he was say as such.

    You can not only give him say after the baby's born... Make him take on the Time, Cost, and Role when it's convenient for you.

  • Im sorry but what in the actual hell

    A mom carries the child. She goes through the pain and suffering. Child birth is the most intense pain a woman is going to have. Men do not have the right to say that the woman ha to abort because they don't want it. The mother is the one who has to decide because it is HER body.

  • That is impossible.

    A man who has created a child has a paternal position whether he wants it or not. If he's already gotten someone pregnant then it's too late for him to decide whether he wants a child. He _has_ a child. When a man has sex he becomes responsible for its consequences, whether he wants them or not.

  • That is impossible.

    A man who has created a child has a paternal position whether he wants it or not. If he's already gotten someone pregnant then it's too late for him to decide whether he wants a child. He _has_ a child. When a man has sex he becomes responsible for its consequences, whether he wants them or not.

  • Of course not.

    A man should not be able to get a "get of jail free" card as long as he states he doesn't want a kid in the first HALF of pregnancy. That is a recipe for a generation of poverty-stricken single mothers with deadbeat "dads". It is nonsensical to assume every woman whose partner "opts out" will just get an abortion after that- or even most.

    This question just basically says men should be able to just weasel out of their responsibilities and leave the woman flat just because technically an abortion is still legal at that point.

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Anonymous says2013-08-14T22:56:11.753
This is a loaded question. Assuming both parties had consensual sex and they were unrelated (no rape or incest), then both had an equal contribution in the conception. It only follows that both should have equal rights in the responsabilities associated with that conception. If both wish to bring the pregnancy to term or to terminate it, then there is no problem, but both should have equal say in the case that one party wants to forfeit their responsabilities. This forfeiture of resonsabilities can be accomplished by either termination or adoption.

Since women have the right to terminate pregnancies under the law, then men should also have the right to terminate [their connections and responsabilities to the] pregnancy.


Men should also have a right to see that pregnancy to term, even if the mother wishes to forfeit her responsabilities, given he has the means, reasources, and faculties to do so. In this situation, it follows that the mother must carry the pregnancy to term despite her desire for a termination because she was an equal participant in conception. Upon the birth of the child, all responsabilities would then pass to the father, with the mother being relinquished of further responsability.

Equal rights.
Equal work.
Equal pay.
Equal responsbilities.
Equal forfeitures.