Should men be allowed to have an opinion on abortion?

Asked by: JakeRose121
  • I think you mean "should men be allowed to participate in abortion debates? "

    And, Of course, The answer is a resounding "yes. " In fact, There is no topic where one gender should be excluded from voicing their opinions in debates. To exclude a gender from a debate solely on the basis of gender alone is 100% textbook sexism. You're free to disagree with my opinion, As I am free to disagree with yours, But I have no right to exclude you from the conversation, As you have no right to exclude me.

  • Men should be allowed to have and share their opinions on abortion.

    I've heard many times from women who support abortion and abortion rights for women that because men are not able to become pregnant and experience the process of carrying a child they should not be allowed to have an opinion on abortion. In my opinion, It's sexist and, More importantly, It's wrong to ban an entire sex from having and sharing an opinion on what I believe to be a moral issue and to me, Issues of morality transcend race, Sex, Ethnicity, Religion, Etc. I believe that anyone and everyone should be allowed to have and share his/her opinions on abortion or any other matter, Even if they have no experience with it or never will in their life. To think otherwise, In my opinion, Is the very definition of discrimination.

  • If we are talking about the fathers and not some random guy yes.

    There are many cases where a father either broke up with his partner, But still wanted to raise the child and also when the mother didn't tell the father she was pregnant until after the abortion. This robs the Father of the experience of raise the child whether on his own or with the mother. I don't think in our society the father will ever be able to stop the abortion from happening, But I think he should have the chance to talk to the doctor who will perform the abortion and try to convince him to not do this act.

  • Men should be the ONLY ones allowed to have an opinion on abortion

    Women are stupid. But women also have so many hormones they can't think straight. Women need men to make decisions for them because all in all women are useless. Its only a matter time before evolution gives man a uterus so that they can do everything and women will become obsolete because, Honestly they should be

  • METAPHOR: Should white people have an opinion on racism involving colored individuals?

    OF COURSE! It is the racism- the value judgment of a person's status- that is important to the argument not the skin color of who is making the argument. Therefore, Anyone can speak on the judgement of a person's value. The importance is in the reasoning of an argument, Not who it is coming from. Let's extend this to abortion. It is not simplify man vs woman. The argument of abortion has to do with the value of the human inside the woman's uterus. That is the central issue. Men are humans just like women. So you can imagine they would be able to make arguments on the value of being human for or against abortion.

  • Opinions are always needed

    Both parents should have an opinion on weather or not to get an abortion. However, The final decision should be up to the woman seeing as she is the one carrying the baby. Both should come to an overall consensus but if they don't then the woman should he the one to decide.

  • Do they give birth

    A man has no right to tell a women what to do with their body. This is not the 1800's Now personally I don't believe abortion should be anybodies first option, But i do believe that a man has no right to tell another human being how to use there body. WHEN A MAN PUSHES A GIANT BABY OUT OF THEIR VAGINA THEY CAN CHOOSE TO SAY NO THANK YOU

  • The baby's is the only one that matters.

    Even when their is medical reasons for abortion, It is not justified. Abortion is murder. Let the baby have the final say. We are extremely arrogant to think we can decide whether a person lives or not on any grounds. If we allow murder at the start of life then we should at any point of life, Esply the end of it. We are a hypercritical society on this subject. Abortion is murder under any reasons, Even medical. Who are we to play God. I was partially crippled from having my children and I would never have chosen to abort them to avoid this.

  • Its not a mans body

    A woman should have the right of choosing what to do with her own body especially if theirs a life in it. Yes a man should get a say in it if hes still around but at the end of the day its still the womans choice. Jus straight up faxs

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