Should men be allowed to wear high heels like they were originally intended for?

Asked by: jaksunmadness
  • High heels were originally meant for men

    And I mean high heels that are designed for men not the same kinds women wear. Louis XIV wore them as a sign of high status and it stuck in the high class for men to wear high heels. The first high heels were worn by Persian warriors on horseback. Believe it or not high heels had a functionality aside from fashion, it was used to help get a step on the horse more easily.

  • People were born naked, right?

    Since we came here without clothing, people should be able to wear whatever they like. I'm a man and I have loved high heels since I was young. I have worn boots in public but not my pumps. I will soon. Some people are just narrow and closed minded. If something doesn't make sense to them then whomever feels contrary to that belief is wrong. Clothes do not dictate sexual orientation. Some like Coke some like Pepsi. The first word in individual is I.

  • Equal rights...Or is it?

    Many times in today's moderm society you will see women not only wear clothing that used to be exclusively masculine, but hold career positions that used to be exclusively held by males such as doctors, lawyers, judges, construction, sales, management etc. This is all fine and well and I have no complaints. But I always wonder why if a woman dresses in traditionally masculine clothing (ie t shirt, non skinny jeans, sweats, tennis shoes, neck tie, formal business suit, short hair cut, combat boots) it is viewed as being a pretty normal and average thing to see day to day, but if a man shows any sign of femininity in his life (being a nurse, home maker, decorator, care taker etc) or in his dress (wearing high heels, hair barrettes, skirt, make up, nail polish or anything with a bow, flowers, pink or bright pastel colors etc) people around him immediately begin to call his masculinity and sexuality into question. It doesnt make sense to me that a particular type of clothing should be a deciding factor or any sort of indicator of a man's sexual orientation or value as a person or as a man. I say a man high heels, even stilettos, is no less a man just as a woman in jeans and a t shirt is no less a woman!

  • Allowed, but not accepted

    I too love the look and feel of wearing high heels. I have worn them out many times. What I have is people criticizing me for doing so. How do we get this to critical mass, and allow it to be accepted, is my question. I know that women have the same issue from those woman who dont wish to wear them.. Come on people. I think if the shoe companies made them " For Men" they would grow rapidly..

  • Definetly a yes!

    Once apon a time there was a 100% woman and a 100% man. Due to "micro" evolution, no such thing exists! Perhaps we all are some percentage of both (physically as well as mentaly). Therefore, most of us have different orientations toward "standard" preferences (such as blue for boys and pink for girls). There are no wrong conclusions for anyone in any particular group. However, society "norms" usually dictate societie's acceptance within "normal" societal limits.

    It seems that most cultures have some weird aspect related to that particular culture (when in Rome, Do as the Romans). That said, perhaps some of these cultural barriers will be removed through education and acceptance through world wide communication now possible due primarily to the internet, probably a good step in the right direction.

    The question becomes one of social acceptance when a brave soul steps outside of perceived gender bounds in high heels, sandals or other "perceived feminine" shoes or clothing.

    I am a well adjusted male that has hundreds of high heels and sandals perceived as "womens". I sometimes have the courage to wear the least "provacative" pair in public places I am not apt to be seen by friends and aquaintaces.

    If more men would wear what they prefer, it would help to "straighten out society norms" and perhaps society would be more accepting.

    Please wear your high heels responsibly

  • Yes to men wearing heels.

    I'm straight and have a large selection of high heel womens shoes and heeled boots.. All womens. I used to worry terribly that I had some sort of mental problem, until I started reading all the comments being written by straight men all having the same ideas as myself. It seems a massive percentage of the male population feel the same but probably don't act on it as I have in obtaining their own selection. Very few of mine were bought new, rather, I buy them from auction sites,, as I am a size UK7 there are always plenty available at rediculously low prices. In fact it's quite a turn on to win the auction. We need the nerve to just go out in public wearing whatever we want and feel good doing it... Women do and can without a second thought. Is it really fair,,, of course NOT.

  • Yes the should

    I agree with all this.........Men (and women) can already wear whatever they want, including high heels. I personally know men who wear feminine clothing, dresses, high heels, blouses etc.. And they have every right to do so. Clothing is not, and should not be gender exclusive. If women can wear pants, men's shirts and shoes without being judged, then men can do the same thing.

  • Sure why not. How high do they need to be considered "high heels" anyway?

    Certain men's styles already include heals, riding boots and cowboy boots often have inch and half or slightly higher heals in the first place. What's wrong with expanding that to other style choices, men want to look good too and express them selves. Also in case you did not know Heels were originally made for men in the first place as were purses. Beside now a days they say gender identity is a spectrum, so express your self as you like.

  • Absolutely yes they should.

    People should be able to wear whatever they like, regardless of their gender and "social conventions". Besides, why should women have such freedom if men can't? My favorite shoes are my black 6 inch D'Orsay pumps, but because society sucks, I haven't plucked up the courage to wear them in public. And just because I love high heels doesn't make me homosexual - just ask my girlfriend. :)

  • Because I believe that men should wear what they feel and if they feel like they need to wear women's clothing as they see fit.

    If a man feels if they want to wear women's clothing, let them do so. It is their choice, and no one should judge a person on what they should wear. So, in closing, there is nothing wrong with a man wearing high heels or ladies platform heels. Besides as many people stated, men have EVERY right to wear high heels as women do!!

  • No....Unless you don't mind getting the looks.

    I mean you have to acknowledge that men wearing heels now is considered weird and effeminate. So if you are prepared to deal with all that name calling. Sure, if you are not best not to.

    People have just as much right and freedom to make fun of you for wearing heels. Just as much as you have the rights to do what you want.

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Ragnar_Rahl says2014-04-04T04:19:14.857
Nobody cares if you wear high heels. There's no rule against it. Just put on high heels instead of posting about it. Yes, you're girly. Oh well.
jaksunmadness says2014-04-09T10:23:52.190
I guess cowboys are girly then
dw817 says2017-02-20T04:24:49.277
Let's be pefectly clear here. High high shoes were indeed originally made for men. No, I think this question is asking, should men be allowed to wear high heel shoes that are clearly designed for women ?

To this, I say NO. It sends the wrong message. I mean - if you want to wear them and clearly they are feminine in design, this does leave a message. Ask yourself, is this the message you want to send out ?