• As a woman,

    I stand up for men. I know you men are strong and don't need this, But it's nice to know that you have support.

    Men were the first in the order of creation, And the base of all things on earth. They look after everyone else on the planet - women, Animals, Plants, And all. Men are now treated horribly by liberals because of some things their ancestors did (although most of what happened in the past has been good and contributed to society. Only a few things hindered us like slave trades and oppression of women), And that is evil. Men should understand what their ancestors did, But they don't have to suffer for their actions.

    I have seen how men are treated, Even by other girls at my school. All my liberal friends seem to be outraged by a boy daring to open his mouth about politics, And shout them down. One even keeps saying 'kill all men' unironically, And my friends were joking that she should be Prime Minister. That really worried me and gave me a wake up call to what is happening in the UK - and the world - today: that people like this are getting into power. A lot of adults always tell me, "they're young, They will grow out of it", "they can't do anything", And "nobody else thinks that". . . Only time will tell, And we can already find evidence of this happening. We need more strong men and women to stand up to this.

  • Men are under attack.

    Fathers get shady looks for being seen in public with their own daughters. The #MeToo movement has made men uncomfortable when alone with women and especially children. We need to stop society from embracing this men bashing culture. Most men are good people and not pedophiles or perverts.

    Were you even aware we had International Men's Day, Recently? Probably not. International Women's Day is promoted by Google, But not the former. Stupid feminists who complain that every day is international men's day are not representing their cause, Well. Show appreciation for men. We work hard to keep you safe. Men built the house you live in. Men made most advancements in society. Advancements and privileges you take for granted.

  • I do think so

    Men are always said to "man up" and "be a man". There are almost no people who help men. Women on the other hand, Are always treated like victims. If a woman were to accuse a man of rape, Then the man would be sent to jail, Even without any proof.

  • Not in the current context

    I think everyone needs to be treated better by society. But this is kind of like the black lives matter vs. All/white lives matter issue. In the context of sexism and misogyny that has happened for much too long, I definitely would say we should turn our focus towards women until they enjoy the same rights that us men get. And at that point, We still shouldn't say that men should be treated better, We should instead be saying that all people need to be treated better.

  • I agree with the that man can show emotions and don't always need to man up, But

    If it is like cases in crime I would always choose for victim first. I get it, With celeberties it should indeed be searched through for evidence; but I wouldn't get why a young women or girl would accuse a random man from r*pe. . . As a supporter of the statement of the no 'man up' or 'be a man' (Because I think man should absolutely be able to show their emotions) I still stay by my statement. You see the very specific thing is, Always when women don't report a case of r*pe, Men ask them why don't u just report it? When they to report it, They say 'Why are u accusing the man? Do u have any proof'? While obviously women wouldn't been blaming random men for these things. In the case of these type of crimes, I would do research about it though. But still victim first. I totally respect your'e opinion.

  • To hell with them

    Because they don't deserve it. If anything they should be treated like trash. Do you think I really feel any kind of empathy for men? Why? Seems to me that they like to be the ones that whine about their years and years of belittlement of women finally getting some attention recently. I treat them as disposable, It's time they learn their place.

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