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  • No, they should not

    If your talking about people walking into store shirtless, I am all for them putting clothes on. The male anatomy is different than a females, its fine for us to rock a shirtless day. If a girl does it, its all wrong. The fact is somewhere along the line it came to be, its just nature now.

  • No, not in the least

    I do not think anyone should be more restricted from going topless in public. I'm pretty sure that in New York State is it illegal for men to go shirtless while operating a vehicle. As a people, we need to realize that a body is just a body and stop being squeamish.

  • No, it is a waste of law enforcement time

    There are definitely some men that should certainly never go
    topless! However, avoiding a vulgar, inappropriate or offensive appearance in
    public should be a matter of taste, not of law. Our law enforcement officials
    have enough to do chasing outright criminals. They will never prevail if they try
    to outlaw ugliness.

  • No, and neither should women.

    I strongly believe that the prohibition of nature is ridiculous. Other cultures have no problem with seeing topless women and they have not self-destructed. When it comes to men, I think anyone who pretends to be offended is actually just fighting against the inequality between men and women when it comes to being topless.

  • No, women should have less restrictions about going topless in public.

    No, men and women have the exact same anatomy on their chest. Just because a woman's is bigger in size does not mean that women should be restricted and then restrict men because of the restrictions put on women. It is just unfair to have the restriction in the first place.

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