Should men dating transvestites/transsexuals consider themselves as homosexuals?

Asked by: Mike01506
  • Yes they are homosexuals

    Why? Any man (or woman) who dates someone who was a previous man (or...Well woman) is still considered a man no matter what. They are homosexual for dating someone who was already a man. Makes sense right? Well it does to me, and that's enough. This goes for women who date trans women.

  • Well, I'd go with yes.

    I have seen various cases where men date such individuals (who have male genitalia), and claim that they are heterosexual. To me, this is fundamentally a homosexual relationship. But the complications involve currently make it difficult for me to comprehend, but people seem to interpret the situation differently, hence me asking this question. Those who decide to reply/comment, as long as you refrain from indecent language, then this can be like any other opinion post. Well, sort of.

  • Guys in frocks

    A guy in a dress is still a guy - end of story.

    They may believe they are a girl, but if you go into it knowing their physical state is that of a man - then yes your gay.

    Its more tricky with TS - if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck - its probably a duck, unless it has an adams apple!

  • Of course any immediate refusal to it is pretty suspicious

    If men are dating a MTF transsexual they are gay no matter what. A MTF transsexual is nothing but a man with mutilated body parts with messed up hormonal changes. MTF trannies are not women they will never be women and therefore attraction towards them is due to latent homosexual urges.

    And if so-called straight men keeps on insisting that they are still straight for liking trannies than well you are proving that homosexuality is not a fixed state and that they can change their sexuality so I'll say thank you for supporting the idea that sexuality can change.

    Either way I win.

  • Yes. Clothes don't change the person.

    I was once a transvestite and I can personally say that we still identify as a male. I wore those clothes because I felt more comfortable in them, not because I wanted to be a woman. We are still males and if one of us is dating another male, then both of those people are most likely gay.

  • Dating trainees is a gay thing!

    When we get to the primary and supportive reasoning which constitutes being "Gay" or "Queer", we have to know the true existing gender of each person involved in the relationship. The real and pertinent question is, "Do both individuals have penises?" If so, both are gay/queer, if they have any sort of serial experience together! That is that!

  • This question is sort of offensive to me.

    As a transgender myself, I can tell you that the majority of people like me take offence to terms such as transvestites and transsexuals, but as this is beside the point, I digress.

    No they are not homosexual. Transgender male to females (MTF) See themselves as women. In fact, in all moral thinking, they are women. As a young girl Named Jazz says; "I am a girl, I just have a boy's body." Legally, morally, emotionally, and a lot of the time physically, they are women.

    I admit that Transgender women have been unfairly fetishized. There are some men who date transgender women just because they are cross dressing men. I'ts wrong. They are not cross dressing men. They are normal dressing women.

    If a man is attracted to a MTF as a woman, then he is not gay. She knows herself to be a woman, and he knows her to be a woman. She is a woman. He is not gay.

  • Not sure, but lets go with this.

    A homosexual is someone attracted to the opposite sex, yes. But if a man dresses as a woman, speaks like a woman, looks like a woman, acts like a woman, and even maybe surgically mimics a woman, then isnt the other man attracted to the womanliness of this "man?" i wouldn't say that the attraction is homosexual, but I wouldn't say it is heterosexual either. I would say it is somewhere in between. I am sure there is probably a name for it. I think some men that are attracted to transvestites actually call THEMSELVES transsexual.

  • I mean, unless they're dating a trans person who was AFAB.

    AFAB means assigned female at birth, for those who don't know, by the way. A homosexual is a man who is attracted to other men. Transgender women are not men. While they may be biologically such, you wouldn't call them men because they don't identify that way. Would you look at people like Laverne Cox and say that person is a man? Would you look at Mack Beggs and say that person is a man? Gender isn't sex, sex isn't gender.

  • Listen to this.

    You're dating a person that used to be a man, so you must be gay!"

    Well by using that logic, that means you are a pedophile, because the person you are dating used to be a child.

    O M G I D I D S A Y T H A T

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