Should men even be allowed to decide whether abortion is legal or not?

Asked by: Lauren-Oni-Paez
  • No more forcing child support

    Since we're all about giving choices (such as allowing women to work) it should only be fair that men should have the choice in whether the child in the woman he impregnated is born or aborted. If this is not allowed men should not be forced to pay child support for a child they did not want to have.

  • Last I checked most folks had a Dad at some point.

    To say men can't have any say in abortion is stupid, feminist nonsense. Spare me from the ignorance! Somebody just kill me now! If I can't vote on abortion, Woman can't vote on Gun rights. Deal? It takes a mommy and a daddy to have a baby, aside from, what, a fraction of a fraction of births? Obviously men should have a vote. What a crazy topic.

  • What does being a guy have to do with it?

    Everyone has the right to vote on everything. Assuming they can't vote because they aren't affected by abortion is the Outsider Fallacy. Also, male babies get aborted to, so I don't see how the issue only affects women.

    Men are parents too. Those are still their kids getting aborted. That has a mental effect on men, too.

    Just because they don't have abortions doesn't mean they can't determine the morality of it. An unemployed teenager doesn't pay income tax, that doesn't mean he can't understand them and have a reliable opinion.

    Ultimately, from a pro-life perspective, abortion is murder. Both men and (especially) fathers should be allowed to determine if (assuming they are pro-life) murder should be illegal.

  • What does the "Right to Bodily Autonomy" mean?

    I believe in the Libertarian expression of rights: you own your body (as it is your property), and you own the fruits of your labor. I support everyone's right to decide what happens to them. The issue comes in when women get to make unilateral decisions regarding a man's sperm. That is a violation of Bodily Autonomy; HIS sperm entered her egg to create a zygote. It IS her body, so she has a Libertarian right to decide what happens to it. What she DOES NOT have the right to do is to decide what happens to a man's income. So until we reach a point where men can decide how their income is spent, without these dumbass assumptions about what "responsibilities" a man has, i do not believe women have a right to abortion.

    What this means on a macro level (ALL men and ALL women) is that until there are laws in place where men can decide what happens to their income independent of women, that the only remedy to the situation is the right to decide whether Abortion is a legal recourse.

    (By the way, over 93% of abortions are for the exact same reasons that men would rather not have children. Only 7% of them are for medical reasons, including rape, incest, and medical risks.)

    Until we reach ACTUAL equality, men need a macro-level right to decide, since there is no micro-level right to decide, which means a direct effect on the legality of abortion.

  • Yes they should

    Just because it's not in their body and their not going to give birth to it. It's still their baby with their cells and DNA. Having a baby is decision between a couple. So should having an abortion. It's not just the women's choice, the husband is a big part of it, they should have a say.

  • I say that both genders should be able to participate.

    While men are not physically giving birth, they are still an active part of society. Different men have different views on different topics just as different women have different views on different topics. Some men are doctors, scientists, psychiatrists, and many other credible professions that may have experience with women that have had abortions. Similarly, many men have interacted with women enough to potentially have legitimate stances on the matter. Still, others may choose to avoid the topic which is their personal decision and right as a human being. Dividing social issues by prejudice (e.G. Sex) has proven to be a destructive decision multiple times in the past. Also, please note that gonads are not the same as gametes; the abortion of a zygote from a female's body is not at all reasonably comparable to a vasectomy or the removal of reproductive organs.

  • Certaintly they should

    Now I think it would be awful if men were making all of the decisions about womens bodies and how they use them but I think it is a two way street. It takes to to tango and input from both genders should be taken into consideration. Men and women are equals and should think of each other as so in all circumstances.

  • Should non gun owners even be allowed to decide whether guns are legal or not?

    The same logic applies yet supposedly "pro choice" people argue for no choice in other matters like guns or whatever else.

    The hypocrisy is simply absurd here. Sad that things have come to this. I don't have much more explanation here but I need more words so that is what this is about.

  • It's an issue involving everyone.

    I believe abortion should be legal because everyone deserves bodily autonomy and reproductive rights. Even cisgender men, who won't be affected, are capable of considering the ethical, philosophical, and legal aspects of abortion.

    As for individual abortions, a pregnancy is a major turning point in a relationship. That's why I think it's necessary for couples to negotiate the issue together. The non-pregnant partner shouldn't be allowed to override the pregnant partner's decision, though. Forced pregnancy and forced abortion are reprehensible crimes against humanity. They should merely have the choice to opt out of parenthood, or if they want a child, adopt. No one has the right to infringe on another person's bodily autonomy like that, hence why abortion is a pressing issue in the first place.

  • Who else is going to decide?

    Yea just pray to your god and ask him to rewrite the laws. And lets just live in a lawless land until that happens. (sarcasm) lol whoever asked this question is an idiot. I mean who the hell else is going to decide what should be legal and what shouldnt be? Dumb as*

  • Men will never know what it's like

    Men will never get pregnant, and therefore will never have to get an abortion. I'm tired of these old, white, Christian men deciding what I can and can't do with my body. They don't care what's best for pregnant women. They want to punish them for having sex, because in their eyes women who want an abortion are horrible people. Their religion often dictates their beliefs, too, and forcing their religious beliefs on others is unfair. Unfortuneatly, many pro life politicians are male. I think circumcision is the right choice for infants, because from what I've read, it prevents infections later in life. But I don't have a penis, and I never will, and I'm not a doctor, so I'm not going to try and make it mandatory. I'm not going to decide what's best for other people.

    By the way, the question is should men decide if abortion is legal. A lot of the yes side arguments seem to think that it's asking if men should have a say in if the person they impregnated should get an abortion or not. There's a big difference. Learn to read.

  • They won't give birth to it.

    I personally feel men shouldn't be allowed to decide whether or not abortion is legal. They aren't the ones who are going to push it out of their dicks, so why should they choose? I'm all for choice, but this is a choice solely left to women. It's a personal choice and I don't believe a state, politics or men should have a say in it at all.

    After all, would you men like it if women chose whether or not you deserve your balls? I'm pretty sure you don't, considering many out there really don't.

  • Oh my gooosh

    Aren't you men like on the wrong topic though? Like the question isn't asking about an individual male and female couple, its talking about like the entirety of the country. No i don't want a bunch of white christian men sitting in a room to decide whether or not i can have an abortion or not. Unless you have a uterus you can't decide whether or not i can abort a fetus thats possibly killing me. Like, theres nothing wrong with jimmy not wanting tammy to abort the baby they made together on valentines day but there is a problem when jimmy goes out and prevents literally everyone with two x chromosomes from having an abortion stay in school you lil ugh. :)

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BlackOpal97 says2015-06-27T10:58:30.700
I think men should have a say and so should women