Should men found guilty of sex crimes be chemically castrated?

  • Castration removes the sexual urge!

    Firstly, those who don't agree with chemical castration need to go away and educate themselves about what exactly chemical castration is. It is not a surgical procedure or operation of any kind. It is a simple injection, most commonly used it the female contraceptive injection, which effects only last for 3 months and has to be repeated for the effect to be maintained. It is not a permanent or irreversible procedure and in no way is it mutilation. If it takes away a mans sexual urge and helps prevent him reoffend then that is the only way forward to ensure the safety of others, if he is to be let back into society.


    These are not men nor are they humans they cause suffering for their sick enjoyment of hurting others.... Victims suffer for life, so should the person or "pig" that caused the suffering. Men found guilty of rape should be castrated and men found guilty of child offenses should be killed....

  • Yes, I think so.

    Yes, i think they should be castrated, because sex crimes are made by sick people. If you arrested a person with any mentl illness they'll do the same thing again when they can. It's almost instictin So, yes, I think they should be castrated. Expecially when they do this to children.

  • Simple solution to a complex problem

    Of course some men will balk at the ideal of castration but it works. It is as simple a procedure as removing wisdom teeth and the results are proved to work. I say cut their balls off. They are being used as weapons so just remove them. I cannot see why anyone would argue with this.

  • Men found guilty of sex crimes should be chemically castrated.

    Let me start by saying that, if it was allowed, I wish they would be physically castrated! This is a subject that I feel very strongly about. There is no crime more damaging then a sex crime. Those who have been violated in such a way can be mentally damaged for life. I do believe however, in certain cases, that these men cannot help their urges. Therefore, the only way to rehabilitate them, if you will, is by chemical castration since the other option is not possible. I would however place very strict rules on this law. There are a few instances when "sex crimes" are not legitimate and I would not want a man to go through life under chemical castration if there were any questions about the offense. There would have to be absolute proof in my opinion.

    Posted by: w00tboycomic
  • I think it should be permanent castration.

    Their actions have a lifetime affect on their victims, I think that the very first time they commit an offence they should be forcibly castrated, (removal of both testes) as its proven that at least 65% of sex offenders committing an offence go on to re-offend and quite regularly this can go from rape to abusing their own children or family. So yes anyone being placed on the sex offenders should be court ordered to attend surgical castration to protect future possible vices.

  • Surely they can control themselves then.

    The fact is that you are causing detrimental physical and mental damage to someone, and jail time isnt enough of a punishment for such an incredible feat of inhumanity. With the usual 'blame the victim' mentality, men who rape get away with it with no remorse and are likely not to even be convicted. What's to stop them from doing it again? The only people against castration are those who would be threatened by it - i.e. rapists themselves. Do we want a safe and just society? Here's one of the steps in the right direction.

  • Studies prove pedophiles can NEVER be rehabilitated.

    Offenders WILL repeatedly offend. Prevention of future offenses is the only solution. I'm not even sure castration is enough? Surgical penis removal in addition to castration seems it would be more effective on these monsters. This is not about "an eye for an eye"; this about protecting not just our children but all victims; male or female, young or old, weak or strong, from these sick sociopaths. Having such a stern and permanent punishment might also be a great deterrent to anyone contemplating offending for the first time - whether planned or opportunistic.

  • Yes.. What else can be the punishment?

    It will be a good deterrent .. Surgical castration can also be done in case of rarest of rare cases. Capital punishment is another deterrent to stop crime against women... Men found guilty of sex crimes should not be chemically castrated.
    It is not cruel and unusual,"eye for an eye" punishment is required in such cases...The justice system is not for revenge but we have to punish the offender.

  • Castration will set an example so that others out of fear will not commit such crimes.

    If this is done, I am not saying such sexual crimes will vanish from the society immediately, but I believe this may be an effective step to reduce sexual crime rates. And probably end sexual crimes against women. Such men are a boon to the society we live in. If they cannot respect women and abuse them by raping her and assaulting her they don't deserve a normal human life. A harsh punishment is necessary in order to get reduce such crimes rates.

  • I do not believe they should be chemically castrated unless there is an equal punishment for women, as well.

    Except in the utmost serious of cases, I don't think men should be chemically castrated. While men are the ones who commit the most sex crimes, women occasionally do them as well. And because women cannot be castrated, it is not fair that one gender receives a harsher penalty than the other.

    Posted by: 54ndDavi
  • Abuse of law

    Feminists will abuse this law causing castration to become mainstream. If there is something that feminists want more than the macho man disappearing I have yet to hear it. Feminists always cry wolf and will manipulate this law allowing men to be castrated for the simplest of things. I have yet to understand why feminists are so crazy for "equality" but only put men down.

  • Most of the people commenting on this topic don't really have a clue.

    I am a registered sex offender. I was convicted, sentenced, and spent my time in prison, for committing a sexual crime in my state. Now, here is what I actually DID, to get locked up and have my life ruined. I anonymously downloaded illegal porn on the Internet. And just to be clear, when I say illegal porn, I'm not talking about some child being kidnapped and raped or whatever twisted crap people can imagine. Because the vast majority of "convicted sex offenders" in this country, have never even thought about doing anything like that. I'm talking about looking at videos of girls who were not quite 18, and which were filmed entirely BY the underage girls themselves, in private, without any coercion from anyone else. I don't personally know any of these girls and have never communicated with any of them. I simply downloaded the videos they made of themselves, and watched them.

    Do you think I should be forced to take drugs for the rest of my life that make it impossible for me to have sex?

  • It's not necessarily useful.

    It's analogical to the ancient inhuman punishment of amputating the arm of people caught for theft. Here it aims to take away the sexuality of men, their desire or drive, rather than a body part. The result might not necessarily be positive. There are much better modes of punishment for sexual offenders.

  • Men found guilty of sex crimes should not be castrated because the legal system already punishes them appropriately.

    One reason that men convicted of sex crimes should not be castrated is because the legal system makes mistakes and people are wrongly accused and convicted periodically. Another is that (particularly in the US) sentences for sex crimes are quite harsh and the faulty prison system tends to allow those found guilty of sex crimes to be seriously assaulted (both sexually and physically) by other inmates.

    Posted by: TwoVic
  • Castration

    In a democratic country, "eye for eye" is not a preferable option. Castration is like mutilation which is not at all a solution. Also laws should be made equal for both Genders.
    It is also like shaming the dignity of whole males. Laws should be made to prevent and reduce the crimes and not to cruelty against human rights.

  • Not at all.

    They are already severly punished for the crime. I also want to mention it is not only men that commit these kinds of crime but woman do also. Now I ask myself why is it only men are the ones that should be chemically castrated. Where does that leave the female that is also a sex or repeated sex offender. Men are not the only ones that commit sexual crimes woman do also. Wake up and smell the coffee. Its not just men commiting these crimes but woman as well. So if we are talking about any kind of punishment for this crime we need to speak to both genders not just male.

  • No!!!!!!!! for castration

    No for the reason there is that nor the goverment or religion should dictate what should be done to the reproductive organs in females or males . We are not yahoos mutulating body parts just to satisfy our minds and also beleiving what society tells us to do or act or what to think of .

  • Human rights and lack of criminal justice

    Chemical castration is obviously a human rights violation since it is cruel punishment and it seems to be a poor excuse for a weak judicial system that should be imprisoning these and many other types of criminals for much longer. These sentences are far too short and there are way too many options for criminals to be released back to society. Also, there is a huge part of the blame on society as a whole for: weak parenting, permitting sexuality to dominate so much of the media, etc.

  • Men found guilty of sex crimes should not be chemically castrated; it is cruel and unusual punishment.

    Men found guilty of sex crimes should not be chemically castrated. To do so is to impose cruel and unusual, "eye for an eye" punishment, which is not the purpose of our justice system. The justice system is for rehabilitation, not revenge. Chemical castration harkens back to the days of barbaric punishments like cutting off hands for stealing.

    Posted by: FilthyLucas60

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Anonymous says2013-03-27T01:50:17.157
I have to comment that great care must be taken to avoid causing any transsexual symptoms in those who are being punished. For example, one person suggested removing the mens' penises, but this would likely result in phantom limb syndrome and some body dysphoria. And without a penis, what wold you want them to have down there? A grotesque confusion of things? Flatness? A vagina? These are all poor options for cisgendered males.