Should men get days off when their wives have babies?

  • Yes, Men should get days off when their wives have babies.

    Yes, I believe that men should get days off when their wives give birth because the wife would have just come home for the hosipital and will need to time to heal from giving birth. The man will be a great help to his spouse because while the wife is getting better and feeding the child, the husband can be around doing the household chores and taking care of his wife.

  • Yes, men should get days off when their wives have babies.

    Biologically speaking, it's impossible for a man to have to take off from work very many times because his wife is having a baby. Unless a man gets divorced and remarried fairly often, it can't happen any more than about once a year. This seems like a small price to pay for the joy of watching your wife give birth.

  • Women need support from their husbands

    I absolutely believe men should be able to get days off when their wives have babies. Having a child is a beautiful experience, yet it is also very overwhelming for a woman. If husbands were allowed days off from work when their wives have their children, it can help ease the transition of bringing a new life into the world, therefore creating a healthier environment from both mom and baby.

  • The baby wouldn't be there if it wasn't for the man!

    Yes, absolutely, keeping a family a whole unit is a must in today’s society. If the father of the baby isn’t allowed to be around when the baby is growing up, than how can we say that is any different than a single mother? Most of all, does it not take a male and female to make a baby? If the answer is yes, which it is, than the same standards should apply to each parent.

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