• If they want to

    Just as a man and a woman should get married if they want to men should get married if that is what they want. The Supreme Court has wisely made its ruling and same-sex marriage is legal. The only thing to go against it is religious texts and our laws are not and should not be based on religion, so if men want to marry each other then that is what they should do.

  • Yes yes yes

    Yes men should definitely get married. Men should get married because there are plenty of wonderful woman out there who would make fantastic wives. This gives the ability to help a man grow up and have a wife and family. This is the next step in life after living the irresponsible bachelor life. Yes yes

  • If they want to

    There's nothing wrong with marriage between two men, if that's what the question is asking. Some people are born with an attraction to their own gender, and their "love" or whatever you want to call it is no different from that of hetereosexual couples. If they want to bond in a union of marriage in a church of their choosing, they should be allowed to.

  • Yes, Men Should Get Married

    If a man finds someone he wants to share his life with, he should be able to get married if he chooses. Marriage is a way for a couple to show the world that they are devoted to one another, and they have chosen to commit to one another in the ultimate fashion.

  • Men are the New Women

    More and more women are going to college, and so we will be making more than men. Men will be less educated than women with less money, and they will need women financially. Even today men benefit from the strides women take by having more free income in 2-person households. In the future, securing a woman might be the financially smart thing to do for a man.

  • YES, men should marry

    Why should men NOT get married? Of course a man should get married! Men need stability just as much as women do. They should have the sense of responsibility to their wife and their children. If men didn't get married, they'd be going around having kids with 10 different women. Men and women should both get married, It's just the way It's supposed to be.

  • Yes, the union with a women is essential to men.

    The ultimate commitment a man can make to women is the proposal, and it is really important for a men to get married and have a beautiful family in order to have a rich and enjoyable life. It varies on the man's feelings about commitment for some men marriage it's the worst thing to ever happened to them.

  • yes

    men should definitely get married. Men should get married because there are plenty of wonderful woman out there who would make fantastic wives. This gives the ability to help a man grow up and have a wife and family. This is the next step in life after living the irresponsible bachelor life.

  • Women are selfish mostly about men

    In these days women does not respect and care men. They always try to dominate men and make them slave. They believe men born to serve women. They strongly believe men do not feel pain and men do not cry.
    Note: Though might be exceptions are there. I do not count exceptions.

  • A very bad deal for men

    However sweet she seems, once she has that contract in place she will be in control. If the man doesn't behave as she wishes, she can simply divorce him and take half (or more) of his wealth. Take that risk if you want, guys, but don't say you weren't warned.

  • Constant threat of divorce

    We say in business that good contracts make good relationships, and the same is true in marriage. The fact is, marriage is a horrible contract, and creates a one sided horrible relationship. My wife constantly threatens divorce, because she know's she'll make out like a bandit. My kids are the only reason I'm still here. Don't do it.

  • Why marry a used hoe.

    Women can marry each other. Than can cannot blame a man... Win win win.... Besides divorce courts will be still needed,,,, can not have all those judges and lawyers out of work. Odd time to be alive... The humor is a tragedy no? Who cares and what does it matter.

  • The odds are not in your favor

    50% of marriages end in divorce 85% of divorces are by the wife. In most of the recent surveys show 70% of wives are not happy with the man they married . Every wife knows she should have married someone else. There isn't a man on earth that could ever make a woman happy for any length of time !!!!

  • Zero benefits or incentives for a man to be married

    In the 21st century, it’s abundantly clear that modern marriage fails a basic cost-benefit analysis from the man’s perspective

    Costs of Engagement Rings, Weddings, Freedom, Debt, quality of life, likely Divorce. And not to mention infidelity. Because trust and believe with the advent of social media women outpace men in cheating by a country mile.

    All these costs and for what? Commitment to a millennial American girl that has given herself away freely to dozens of strangers who didn’t respect her or care about her the way you do? What costs did all those men have to pay to gain access to your wife’s intimacy? A couple rounds of drinks? One date?

  • Your life will be ruined.

    With divorces being at one of the highest rates at the moment, it will put men at an insane risk. Men do NOT benefit in any way, and they will lose about everything if the couple divorces.
    A good chunk of women nowadays are selfish, greedy monsters who can not wait to screw you the fuck over.

  • No way at all

    Not with the kind of women that are out there these days which it is very Risky now that many of these women have their Careers which many of them really think that they're God's gift to men and will Only want the Best of all and will Never settle for Less.

  • Too much to lose and too little to gain

    Look at it from another perspective - would you ever sign a legal contract where the other side would get all the benefits and you would be left only with the risks ? Of course no, its simply irresponsible (and unprofitable) business logic. Usually the best solution is where both sides benefit, and until we will see appropriate and equal distribution of liabilities and benefits - marriage rates will keep falling..

  • Why would you in today's western society?!

    At least in places such as the US and Canada, why would a man wish to get married? In most cases, a man risks- well, pretty much everything. Half plus wealth and future earnings including vaginamony and child support, with sex no guarantee, hypergamy risk, 70 percent initiated by the woman, no fault divorce, etc etc are the risks. Case closed against any favorable logical argument.

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