Should men get more emotional support from society?

Asked by: Joshskuxx
  • Emotional distress knows no gender.

    Just as crime knows no gender, any kind of emotional difficulty that a woman can have, a man can have as well. To all those who would presume that men shouldn't have emotions, in MY opinion it takes a "real man" to have the courage to express his emotional distress, because if he just bottles up his emotional distress, it will build up and build up and eventually explode...With potentially disastrous results. Whether male or female, all of us are subject to the same emotional extremes, and all of us have inevitably experienced emotional distress of some nature at some point in our lives. Society as a whole has a moral duty to provide emotional support to all its participants, regardless of age, sex, gender identity, religion, disability, or anything.

  • Men and boys are taught to "suck it up." It's not fair.

    Even though males have the same feelings as females do, they are taught to "be a man and suck it up." Mentally and phsyically. Of course, males are afarid to ask for help do to what society teaches them, they would think that they are "wimpy" or "weak" when they are not, they are human. They have feeling too, society needs to remeber that. Let's stop listening to the stereotypes that says: men need no extra support, okay?

  • If men get more emotional support it could benefit both genders.

    Men are always taught to be tough and not show emotions, but that leads to numerous problems. Men are more likely to commit suicide thab women, even though women show more depressed and suicidal behavior.
    Not only that but men often times take jobs not because they enjoy them, but because they pay more. They also work more hours which causes the supposed "wage gap" people continue to talk about. They are way more likely than a women to die at work because of this.
    If men were taught to show their emotions and be more sensitive, then these drastic differences between the genders would not be so large. Men would not feel so much pressure to be the biggest, strongest and the toughest. There could be less pickup artist douchebags because men wouldn't have to live by a woman's standards as much.
    Overall, men get a lot of stress to do things and people never seem to bat an eye. If they were encouraged to be more sensitive and received more emotional support, then a lot of problems would become minimal.

  • Yes, men need someone to support them just like women do

    When we,re feeling depressed, anxious etc we are expected to just get over it and not show our feelings ( society sees expressing our feelings as a weakness). I know its good to hide your feelings at times , but I still think that men should get more support and be able to talk about their feelings more easily

  • No, men do not need support, they should learn to handle themselves and not take the same road as women do.

    We are men, we don't need to be treated like emotional creatures, emotional support is for women and children. Men nowadays just aren't tough enough, they get bullied and beaten around by women and can't maintain order in any situation. With additional emotional support, the more reliant and weaker men will become. What men need is more appreciation from people and less complaints from feminists.

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