• Paternity Leave is important!

    BOTH the mother and the father need to be with the newborn child for the first couple weeks after the child is born. Bonding time is very important for the child's life. Women get maternity leave, so men should get paternity leave. It is very unfair if the women get maternity leave and the men don't get paternity leave.

  • Yes, paternity leave is important

    Paternity leave allows fathers to bond with the baby. Most companies provide maternity leave, and there's no reason for men to be denied the same benefits. Also, the presumption that only women need leave after having a child is heteronormative and rooted in the false assumptions that one man and one woman are needed to raise a child, and that the woman is always the primary caregiver.

  • Men Should Get Paternity Leave

    Yes, men should be allowed to take paternity leave. The early days of a baby's life should be spent with both parents, if both parents are available, so that familial bonding may occur. In addition, the father should share the responsibility of caring for the baby during those early days.

  • Yes I do think they should.

    I am a feminist and I firmly believe its a man's right for paternity leave, women can do it so why not men? Its important for the baby to bond to both during the first few weeks. I feel like it should be treated equally and fairly. Both the man and the woman had brought the baby to life, so by saying one only gets half but the other doesn't is unfair and biased.

  • Yes

    While men should not get as long as women since there is no healing process after birth for men, men should still get some sort of leave. It is vital that they take this time to bond with their newly born child and also take care of the needs of their wife while they recover.

  • Yes

    Men should be awarded paternity leave at their place of employment because sometimes women have jobs too they must get back to after THEIR leave runs out. This is also something that should be implemented because a child needs time with both parents if possible to help the development and family dynamic.

  • No paternity leave is sex discrimination

    When a woman is provided maternity leave, there are options of up to months of leave available. This time is supposed to be spent not only on actually allowing the woman to recover from the birth, but also to bond with the child. When that is not also granted to the father, it is a clear case of sex discrimination as the man is being treated unfairly as compared to the mother by his employer.

  • Yes, Men Should Get Paternity Leave

    Men should be allowed to have paternity leave because they have a right to bond with their newborn or newly adopted child just as much as a mother does. Unfortunately, every day life has shown that many men (not all, and not even most men) do not have the same desire to bond with their children that mothers do. However, for the man who truly desires that bonding, he should be allowed to do so in the same way that women are granted maternity leave.

  • No, not at all

    Men should not freaking be bitching about having to leave from work. What do there vaginas have to heal from? Yes, i get the women needs help with the baby but she can handle it. There is no need for the men to be bitching about them wanting "quality" time with there child.

    XD sorry if you get offended but this is just a random opinion.

  • No, they shouldn't!

    Simply because women need her rest, and at the same time they can also take care of the baby, cook, and do everything else a mother can do. If anything the husband should ASK his superior for a 2 to 4 weeks "vacation". Sure, the father isn't actually going on a vacation but he just had a baby, he should be grateful and very much happy for going home to spend time with his new family. When the wife is all better completely, he should get back to work and start putting in the extra hours to support his family as much as he can. I'm not a female, so this isn't about gender or being sexist. Only all about common sense. The males aren't the ones going through labor, or the ones proving food for the child.

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