• yes

    I honestly don't see why they shouldn't. A lot of women can carry it, but just as many men can carry it. I feel that the risk is divided and in a way, so should the responsibility of keeping it from spreading among the population. I believe everyone, including men, should do what they can to try and keep the risk of spreading STDS to a minimum.

  • yes

    men should get the HPV vaccine. If not all woman can be responsible enough to be vaccinated, then wouldnt it be a better idea for the men to be prepared? It is called responsibility and to better be safe then sorry. Everyone should get the vaccine not just woman. I think that saying woman should only get it would be saying that the man can do what they want and have any health risks and it is up to the woman to be careful.

  • YES, they should

    I believe men should get the HPV vaccine. HPV goes undetected in men, which means that they can easily pass this along to the woman/women they are with. Why take the risk? Women could die from HPV if they don't know they have it, so for that reason alone, men should suck it up and get the shot.

  • Other Options for Eradicating STDs

    Instead of vaccinating against STDs, why don't we do the sensible thing and either 1) use protection or 2) abstain. There are other ways to please your partner that don't involve sexual intercourse! The HPV vaccine is so relatively new and untested, there is no way I would get it. Both men and women need to start thinking with their brains and not their hormones.

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