• I think we should do what we want

    I am only voting for "NO" because I like the underdog. My actual opinion is this: Why should someone else dictate what you do with your face? I am a man, and I see nothing wrong with shaving, nor do I see something wrong with growing a beard. In all honesty, it really depends on the person. Some people look freaking awesome with beards, and others look like they are trying to pretend to be awesome. The beard style makes a difference too, and again, that really depends on the person.

  • Yes its attractive

    Its biologically proven that women are more attracted to men with facial hair because it implies a higher level of testosterone. Then we subconsciously reason that this person would be a good person to have kids with because they would be more protective due to their masculinity. It generally makes them look more tough and masculine. And also because Jared Leto.

  • Yes because beards

    Beards are awesome and just make most people feel warm and fuzzy inside, unless you are from the western tip of spain. If men do not grow beards they look like children and babies. Beards are a symbol of manhood and if you dont have one i dont know how to look at you without punching you in the throat.

  • From a woman of a beard grower!! LOL

    A man should be a man and do what makes him feel sexy and secure about himself. A good beard is like good sex, it emits sexuality! I love the beard, all shapes and sizes! " A man who will shave his beard for a woman, deserves neither of them"

  • I did a whole debate on this....

    According to my debate that I did on this topic, men look more manly, stronger and protective with a beard. People believe that they are unhigenic, I prove them false. (I've turned into a beard maniac).

    Beards show what kind of personality you have; if it is wise, strong, courageous or shy. Your beard will show. You can read the debate done by Zariah and I for the full story.....

  • This is my face

    What i can do to my face is my choice alone. Some men may think that they will be cooler to grow facial hair. But not for some others. Some men even look dirty or messed up when they grow one. Moreover, after-shave hair looks cool too. So why should you grow it?

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