• Yes he should

    If a woman decides she doesn't want a baby, she can abort it without the husband's permission. And yet, if the man doesn't want the child, he will be forced to pay child support, because, they say, it takes two people to make a baby. Which is true. And men shouldn't be allowed to abandon their responsibilities. However, the same is true for the woman. She shouldn't be allowed to abandon her responsibilities of caring for the human who is alive. It takes two to make a baby, and the man should have an equal say in whether or not the child is aborted, because it is his child too. He can't force a woman to get an abortion, and she shouldn't force him to have his child aborted.

    For those who say that men should have no say, then I say that men shouldn't have to pay child support. If abortion is a woman's way out of her responsibility, then men should be allowed to simply leave, to get out of their responsibility.

    But I believe neither should be legal. Both parents are responsibile for the human they created.

  • What would your mother say?

    It's selfish to only think about yourself when you become pregnant, first of all, your mother went through all those pains for you, you ungrateful! Secondly stop thinking about yourself, and all the things that you do and do not want, there is a living human being inside of you that needs to be accounted for. They are not living off of you because they are greedy, you are greedy because you decided to not be abstinent and take very little precautions in order not to become pregnant only so you can say "WHOOPS I MADE A MISTAKE!" and murder your own dang child! That's selfish!

  • Yes.. Your child is the property of both sexes even in your womb.

    If both sexes where stupid enough to get accidently pregnant then neither of you have the right to decide. Grow up.. The Sexiest hardliners for both sexes need to have their rights to an opinion removed. So many people who want kids can't have them. Girls, unless you where raped, your rights to it being just your body is lost the night you got pregnant. Boys its time to man up and not run for your woman. Medically if a woman needs to terminate then fine. Sex is really designed for one thing. Babys.

  • He helped make it.

    Men should have a say, they helped make the baby just as much as the woman did. If they want to keep it and help raise it then they should get a say. STOP BEING SO SEXIST AND LET THE MEN HAVE A SAY! The baby is 50/50. Both people are involved, both people should have a say.

  • It's Ignoring the Moral Dilemma to Say "NO" Sex should not play a role (Ever) in who can make moral choices

    Abortion is a MORAL choice, this means it has ethical implications and simply is placed on the spectrum of right vs. Wrong actions. An abortion is just as relevant to the male as the female. The female harbors the child, true. The male and female are BOTH required to create this child thus, both have responsibility. Responsibility is a big word. Think of society. We all (male, female, etc.) have responsibilities within society both in privacy and in public. The women of the society do have a right to their own bodies and the right to choose what to do with their body. To an extent. Just as men. For example, it is against the law to commit suicide. Why? Because suicide is fatal (obviously) but the point is that it is a harm against that society and does not fit with the values of that society-- life is a gift, life is to be cherished, everyone has the right to be free from harm and whatever other value one may have. If we translate this to abortion, as it is a moral choice, it would seem that the fact that only women are able to be pregnant with a child is irrelevant to the argument. The argument being that both men and women have a duty to make good moral choices. In this way, to say a man does not have a right to say what is right or wrong about abortion or decide the laws surrounding such a decision is to segregate moral lawmaking by gender. Thus, only men can make laws for themselves and only women can make laws for themselves. That seems like the direction many women take if you push that way of thinking to the end. It is sad to see women acting so defensive over a subject that naturally involves both man and woman. Further, the baby is not a woman's possession. It is not a part of her body as an organ. Potential is something that MUST be taken into account here. To illustrate, a woman's heart, lungs, liver, kidney, stomach, etc organs will not one day free themselves from her body and become a human child. That fetus is not a part of the woman's body in the same sense. In this way, it is society's (male and female) decision of what is right and wrong in regards to an abortion.
    I'll leave you all with this short analogy:
    A. The government is deciding whether or not to ban guns from the country.
    B. Gun owners and non-gun owners are our two "sides"
    C. Gun owners believe that non-gun owners should not have a choice because the banning of guns will not affect them and they do not own guns
    D. Non-gun owners respond by saying, the fact that I do not own a gun does not change the fact that the banning of guns DOES affect me as I am a member of this society.

  • As long as it is legal, yes

    A woman can terminate her pregnancy, no questions asked and with no input from her partner. If she chooses to keep it, the man is saddled with child support payments for the next 18 years, and he has no input on this. How is this fair? For heaven's sake, there are men who are victims of statutory rape that are having to pay child support to their rapist, even though they had no choice in the matter.

    Posted by: TN05
  • Pregnancy is a direct result of a man's sperm

    Men and women need each other to create a baby. So, they should both have a say. If the woman wants an abortion and the father doesn't, the baby will live and it will be the man's custody without ANY help legally required on the woman's part. And vice versa.

  • Men should have to consent to child being born or shouldn't have to pay child support.

    It is so common that a women decides to have a baby with a non consenting man. It seems insane to agree that the women should only have a say in the babies being born, especially when they are genetically prone to wanting to have a baby and being attached to the child. Men are part of a two way process that better enhances the probability that the child will grow up in a stable home. If a man does not agree with the baby being born, then the women should have to factor in that the man no longer has to pay child support. If the women decides that she is financially able to support her child as well as care for them, then they should definitely be able to have the child. It is not fair to have a child and expect a non consenting partner or ex-partner to pay for the upbringing. Women are genetically prone to being pro-birth when they become pregnant, so even they may not know what is in fact best for them.

  • Yes, of course

    Why shouldnt we? The fetus in the womb is just as much a part of the man as it is the woman. The argument "It's my body" is complete and utter garbage. Yes, it is. But not just your body, not when the fetus is there. It's a part of you, the man, and a third entirely new being

  • Child not a choice

    Men should have a say. I don't get why they shouldn't I don't care if the woman is giving birth, the man also helped make it. Plus abortion should be legal if the baby is gonna die anyway if not then it should be illegal. It is morally wrong and also horrible

  • Well, a little bit.

    Men should be able to talk to their partners, but ultimately, no uterus, no say. Their bodies don't change. They don't suffer. They don't go through labor. They should, however, be able to speak to the woman carrying their child, but overall, they are not physically effected by it. They do not carry any physical burden.

  • No, a man should not have a say in abortion.

    A man should have no say in an abortion as a woman's body is hers and it is hers to deal with. A woman has dominion over her own body and if she chooses to have an abortion it is her choice to do so. Thus it must be her decision and not a man's. A man does not understand the plight of a woman nor understands what she is going through and thus should have no say of what she does with her body.

  • It should be the woman's choice, it is her body.

    This is a very tough question, and I almost chose yes. I chose no because I believe that a woman's body is her own and she should be the one that determines what goes on with it. If she wants an abortion, that should be her choice. She's the one who will potentially have to birth the child, so I believe it should be up to her to make that decision.

  • Giving control of a women's body to a man is sexist and objectifying.

    First of all, all that matters is that it is her body, therefore her decision. Forcing a women to give birth and carry the fetus is treating her as an object; like she is only meant to be a baby incubator for 9 months. Also, this is taking away her rights, since she no longer would be able to control her own body. Thus, this is sexist. After fighting so hard for our rights as women, it is sad to see men already trying to dominate and control us again. Fight for your right to control your own body, ladies.

  • No is no

    The man doesn't deserve a say. The man didn't have to carry the baby and go through labor. What gives him the right? He doesn't have to receive the abortion or anything. The man does nothing. The women deserves all the rights. Why should the man get a say in what happens to the females body? He doesn't get a say!

  • I Shouldn't Even Have To Say This...

    Telling a woman she cannot abort a fetus because another person wants it and is entitled to it is like telling another person they have to give you one of their kidneys because it will save your life and you're entitled to live. Bodily autonomy states you have the right to say what happens to YOUR OWN body... Even if you're already dead! Meaning, if you are not marked an 'organ donor' on your drivers license when you die, they cannot just take your organs, even if it saves ten lives.

    A fetus needs a woman's body to grow and survive, it does not have a RIGHT to her body, it's there by permission. If a woman denies that permission, then that is completely within her right, even if the fetus's potential life is forfeit. Just like I cannot demand someone's kidney, even if it would save my life. I have no right to their body, but should they be held accountable for my death if they tell me no?

    Until the day when we have the technology to grant men an artificial uterus to raise the fetus their girlfriend/wife didn't want, men ultimately have no say in whether a woman has an abortion or not. They have every right to speak to her and tell her what they feel about the situation, but since it's her body being affected, it's her decision. And taking that right away from her is literally giving a corpse (with a 'no donor' license) more rights to their body than a living woman.

  • God, no way

    Is he going to take care of it's every need?
    Will society tell him he has an obligation to?
    Will he have to birth it?
    No. The woman will. What come out of her is going to be her responsibility, whether she wants it or not. And there is nothing right in that.
    Stop allowing men to take control of something they have no knowledge or business in. Sure, they helped make it, but in the best cases, that's all they do. It's another family sticker on the car or another child support payment.

  • Men should have no right in the matter

    Men can't get pregnant and they have not right to vote or have control of laws that involve the female body. They will never know how it feels to have a rapists child inside of them, a child of forced incest, or a dead child as well. They will never be able to experience or comprehend the shame, humiliation, and they do not know what a woman goes through if she continues with the pregnancy. They are ignorant to the pain and burden we are given and should have absolutely no right to a say in this matter.

  • Men should have no right in the matter

    Men can't get pregnant and they have not right to vote or have control of laws that involve the female body. They will never know how it feels to have a rapists child inside of them, a child of forced incest, or a dead child as well. They will never be able to experience or comprehend the shame, humiliation, and they do not know what a woman goes through if she continues with the pregnancy. They are ignorant to the pain and burden we are given and should have absolutely no right to a say in this matter.

  • Women are not Incubators

    In this day and age, pregnancy does not have to be the end result of a sexual encounter, an end result that burdens women disproportionately. The behaviors and bodies of women (especially pregnant women) are and have historically been policed by men in a way that men's bodies are NEVER policed.

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