• Men should certainly have a say

    That a man does not have a say in a woman's decision over abortion because a man does not have a say over a woman's body is unreasonable. Men have a critical role in bringing in the next generation. The responsibility of the next generation is not solely up to women.

    Moreover, men who father children are expected to support their children; where absent from the home, they are required to pay child support. It's only fair that men also have a say in the discussion on abortion, and not just the financial responsibility of raising a child.

  • Yes and no.

    It takes two individuals ot make a baby, however there is the point that is a woman's body. So I am split. If the kid is a health risk to the mother then both have to be taken into account.

    However, if it comes to simply killing the child becuase the mother suddenly thought the child was an inconvenience then is an even bigger imperative to ensure she doesn't take the decision on her own.

    A woman has to bear the child, but the child did not choose to be there, however when is life made? Conception? Heartbeat? Brain Signal? This is the question that has to be answered first.

    In the end, the child did not choose to be there, and the mother taking an unilateral decision isn't fair for the child nor for the father. A woman's body belongs to her until she willingly chooses to get pregnant. Of course if it wasn't willingly then that child might not have chosen to be there, but neither did the mother.

    If a woman decides to become a mother, she decides to share that responsability with the man, and also shares her body with a baby. At that point her body is no longer completely her own. If she wanted her body to remain 100% her own she shouldn't be having children in the first place.

    Posted by: N711
  • Yes, men should have a say in abortions.

    Personally, I do feel that men should have a say in whether a child is aborted. While we can argue that it's a woman body, a child is half the father's, and half the mother's. It seems sad that a man who wants to have a child would not have a say in making sure that the child has a chance at life. That being said, I do not think a man should have the right to encourage or force a woman to have an abortion. She is the one that will have to live with that decision and its repercussions.

  • Yes they should.

    It takes two to create a child. While the woman has to carry the baby and it is more damaging to her, men should still have some sway in the decision. It is their child as well after all. It is not fair for us to write them off just like that.

  • Men Deserve a Say in Abortions

    When a woman decides to have an abortion, the man deserves a say in the actual abortion. However, women should retain the ultimate right to choose whether to proceed with it or not. Women carry fetuses to term after all, while the man doesn't necessarily do much in that sense.

  • Nobody should have labor forced upon them.

    It is not okay for one human to force labor on another. Including retroactively. If I spend my time growing vegetables and my neighbor spends his time playing video games then no one should come to my house and hold a gun to my head to force me to give the bum some of the fruits of my labor. Forced labor is wrong.

  • Men should not have a say in abortions.

    Although it takes two people to procreate, men should not have a say in abortions. First, it is a woman who must endure nine months of pregnancy and childbirth. Second, it is generally easier for men to exit an unhappy family situation than women. Then women end up as single mothers faced with the bulk of the financial burden for their children.

  • They shouldn't make the ultimate decision.

    Men should get a chance to tell the woman who is pregnant what their wishes are, but ultimately, he should not decide what happens inside the woman's body. It isn't his body to make decisions for. If a man needed an organ, he couldn't just decide to take it from someone else. It is the same with pregnancy.

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