Should men have a say in the abortion issue?

Asked by: blackkid
  • A sexist idea indeed.

    How can one support excluding people from the debate based on sex? The victims of abortion are both male and female. You cannot deny someone the ability to decry what they believe is a moral wrong simply because they are incapable of committing it themselves. By that logic, women should have no say on the issue of rape.

  • Men are supporting fathers

    If a father (of the child) is involved they should have just as much of a say as the soon to be mother, no they don't give birth, but its still life they are responsible for. The way I see it is, an abortion is only ok if saving the mothers life, incases of rape and incest. But if everyone ignores me and maintains its legalization for all then the father should have a say.

  • Men are good parents too.

    If the child is his he has every right to be involved in its life. Men should always have a say when it comes to the lies of their children it's wrong to just bought them without consulting them first. It's wrong to just take a man's child the way if he could be more fit parent than the woman.

  • Yes they should

    What if the fetus that the woman is wanting to abort is a boy?

    Life is important, especially human life. As we all know, the fetus could be a boy or girl when it grows up in the womb and when/if it comes out of the womb. Therefore, it doesn't matter which sex (man or woman) is going to defend life because I believe the fetus is the life and it could become a man or a woman if "it" is "kept."

    It's so sad that this is debated. Abortion kills.

  • Of course he should.

    What a preposterous idea. Who gives a crap if it's the woman's body?! It takes two to tango, as they say. If the woman didn't have the man she wouldn't be pregnant in the first place. If I had a potential son in the making and a woman told me she had decided not to keep it I think I would freak out.

  • Have a say.

    He shouldn't be allowed the final decision, but should definitely be involved in making it.

    It isn't solely the mother's baby- 50% of it is his genes. So although the mother carries the foetus, the father waits for nine months, waiting for their, not her, child. So like I said, you can't force the mother to have an abortion, but you can certainly be involved in the process.

  • Of course men have the right

    The fetus is their 'body' too. Abortion is killing the child that the husband agreed to conceive. Taking away the husband's right to choose is unconstitutional and ultimately evil. Sorry to tell the facts, but the fetus is NOT the woman's body. Scientific facts show that it has its own DNA, its own organs, and its own heartbeat!
    The greatest evil that existed since slavery is abortion.

  • ONLY concerning (emotional / financial support.

    Because women __ HAVE THE RIGHT __ to abort because they are unable to support (emotionality / financially) a fetus / baby (child?) a man must the same rights.

    NOTE: You could call this a "PAPER ABORTION" because he would BE REQUIRED to file a document with the CITY, COUNTY clerks office, the court, and the department of social services that he is giving up custody of the child.


  • Because alimony is a thing

    As long as alimony is a thing men should have a say in the matter, otherwise alimony shouldn't be a thing, after all it is the women's sole decision(if everything was consensual) to have sex wit ha man and get pregnant and then her sole decision whether to keep it or not so if all decision rests on her shoulders men should not be required to pay alimony simple as that

  • It is essential that they do

    Just as the upbringing of a child is the responsibility of both the father and mother, the question of an abortion also concerns both parties.
    It is of course true that the emotional attachment to the child would be more in case of the mother but it is essential that we understand the role of the father too. Though the opinion of the man does matter, it is not the sole point of consideration.

  • Yes, absolutely, when they grow vaginas.

    No, men do not have the right to tell the woman they impregnated whether or not that woman should have a medical procedure performed.

    It is absolutely idiotic to believe a sperm donor has any right to tell a woman she must commit the next 9 months (and longer) to birthing a child.

    Men will never have to experience child birth, why should they have any say in abortion?

  • The men dont have the rights

    First of all it is the women's decision not the mens since the women is the one carrying the baby she has full rights on that not the father nor anyone else should object to that whether they like it or not. Second of all the father can not force her to have the baby and the father isn't the one that can breast feed the baby and give birth to it.

  • It's the woman's body and should therefore be her debate.

    I am very undecided on this controversial issue of abortion. The one response I always have when people ask me for my opinion is that men should not be the ones deciding. They have no idea the pain that women go through when they are giving birth. Tests have be done on males where the researcher inflicted the amount of pain equivalent to giving birth on the male. The male's response? It way worse than any pain he had ever felt in his life. Can we also touch on the fact that rape is one of the biggest issues in our country today? If a male feels it is okay to rape a woman and get her pregnant, he has no reason to be forbidding her from getting an abortion. There is also the case when a woman's life could be in danger from having the baby. The male's life is not in danger. It is her life. Her body. Her choice.

  • It is the woman's body,

    Not the man's. She has a right to do with it what she wants. Do I think that a man should legally have a say? No, it is not his right. Also, it brings up the issue of rape. Does the rapist have a say? Either way, it is the woman's right, not the man's. I think that if they are together that she should listen to what he has to say, but it is ultimately her choice.

  • I believe it is purely a women's issue:

    Abortion is a matter of female bodily integrity dealing with one person in the entire matter which is the biological carrier of the fetus. It happens to only effect females which I believe isolates the issue and removes the rights of the unaffected from speaking out against it specifically. I believe this is true universally with all issues dedicated to an isolated group.

  • LOL stop lol

    Alright first of all, if you're against abortion, you shouldn't even be commenting on this because you're against men having a say abortion because you're against abortion in general meaning against EVERYBODY having a say. It makes your opinion entirely meaningless. Legally a woman should have no obligation to keep a child simply because her boyfriend or husband wants her to keep it. I'm not going to even take the time to ridicule or comment Robert's rape comment. If a man gets pregnant, then he can decide if he wants an abortion or not and not the non-pregnant wife. The woman may/should take some take of consideration of his appeal to [not] have an abortion but not legally and not 100% or even 50% of the say. I seriously don't understand why Republicans bring rape into everything-- it's not like it ever helps their cases at all and they end up getting hammered with hate about it and then have to apologise. Lol....

  • This is a Women's matter

    A woman owns her body. A man owns his body. We were all taught this in school. So if a Woman is impregnated by a man who wants a child, but the woman doesn't, it always goes to her choice. Sure, a man might convince her otherwise, but if a woman chooses abortion, there is nothing the man should be able to do about it except find another woman willing to love him and the child.


  • They shouldn't have the final say, but guys that deserve an opinion will get an opinion, regardless of their "right"

    Honestly, I don't understand why we keep acting like people are incapable of civilised discussion!

    Guys don't need a "right" to have an opinion because the ones that deserve opinions (the ones that are sensible human beings that know and care about their partners, and vice versa) will usually get opinions anyway.

    It's simple.

    If a woman falls pregnant to a man that she cares about, and has and good relationship with, it is almost guaranteed that she will work with him on the problem, and listen to his opinion regardless of his "rights".

    If a woman falls pregnant to her rapist, or some guys she met in a bar last night, a drunkard, an abusive partner, or whatever, then she won't give him an opinion and he really should get one, because he doesn't deserve it. What kind of parents would they be anyway?

    If the father and the mother are at odds so badly, and it gets to the point that you have to bring "rights" into it, you've really got to think about how suitable you would be as parents.

    Believe it or not, people can have civilised conversations with each other. And couples that can't agree on something like this shouldn't really be producing children, since they're on really shaky ground.

    Really, we’ve got to start thinking about who NEEDS rights here. Women NEED rights. After all, it’s her body, and she should get the ultimate say. Why should men get an equally valid opinion when they don’t have equal responsibilities? But men don’t NEED the right to an opinion, since they’ll get an opinion anyway if they have a moderately-functioning relationship (which he should be expected to have with the mother of his unborn child!)

    If you love to woman you've had sex with, you shouldn’t need to impose your rights on her to get your point across! If do need to do that, you really shouldn’t be having a child together.

  • It's all about proving "ownership".

    Sounds a little insensitive, but its the truth.
    For one, a woman can become pregnant by ANY man, with that being said, until she actually gives birth, proving paternity is nearly impossible, therefore, one would have to "assume" that the fetus's father is unknown. She could just as easily say, "well, you aren't the father, I slept around", and could send the father in question into a frantic fit about whether or not this was/was not his child. So basically it's about ownership, due to the fact that this child is inside of her (which is proof enough that it's her baby, at least), one can not actually prove that this child is, in fact, the father in question, and thereby gives the mother all rights to make the decisions of the outcome of said pregnancy.
    HOWEVER, if this mother is legally married to the father in question, said pregnancy, as with any possessions they BOTH accumulated in said marriage becomes "community property", again, sounds insensitive to refer to a child as "property", but, it's the only way to explain it. So, with that being said, if she is pregnant, and, she is married, then no, abortion is not an option if the other party is against it. Regardless if he is the paternal parent or not, unless this pregnancy could result in the death of the mother.
    That's just my opinion....

  • No they shouldn't

    A man will never have an abortion, so I don't think they should be able to have a say in the issue, honestly. They'll never know what it's like to be pregnant and afraid you won't be able to provide the life a child deserves. Some babies are conceived out of rape as well.

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Preston says2014-08-08T13:05:08.983
Basically con is sexist, me on either side don't have a say to them. Im sorry but this is a social and political issue, men are and always will be involved.
Rasputin45 says2014-08-09T12:53:30.067
I think that men can have a say in the debate and they can talk to the mother about it but they have no right to tell the child-bearer that she must go through with childbirth even if it is against her wishes.
blackkid says2014-08-09T13:13:34.480
I didn't even know there was a micro-comment section. Impressive!