Should Men have equal rights when it comes to children who have been born or have been initiated from legal, consensual sex?

Asked by: colt02222
  • Equality should be for all.

    I personally feel that Men should have equal rights in abortion, pregnancy, opting out and opting in? Keep in mind that women of society do have a right to their own bodies and the right to choose what to do with their body. To an extent. Just as men. For example, it is against the law to commit suicide. Why? Because suicide is fatal (obviously) but the point is that it is a harm against that society and does not fit with the values of that society. Also, many doctors require a wife's permission for the man to get a vasectomy. This is just two bad examples, but still. Yes, the female goes through more physical abuse than the man, but in no way should that prevent the man from having the choice to be a father or not. The woman gets to choose if she wants to be a mother or not. All I want is equality.

  • After Birth, yes.

    Once the baby is born, the man and women should have equal rights to it. In fact I'm fairly certain that this is how the law is already set up, with both sexes having equal rights when it comes to the child, once it is born. However, before that time the males rights should be limited.

  • Absolutely, and you discriminate if you believe not.

    This is 2016 isn't it?
    The world demands equal rights for all doesn't it?
    Of course fathers should have the exact same rights regarding children.
    Problem is , we have millions of women in north America who will fight for non equality in this area.
    Until this changes men should not have children, that will be the only way equality will ever happen.

    Posted by: zoo
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