Should men have the option to 'financially abort' their child?

  • Equal society right?

    If women are able to terminate pregnancy at their own will without the consent of the biological father, then why should men then be forced to pay for a child? The man in question may be struggling himself with other issues or may not be able to afford the help to the child so why should it be mandatory? Equal rights, as women we cannot pick and chose as to when men have a say in the life, upbringing an support of a child.

  • It is only just

    If women get to interrupt the child-making process at such a late stage as pregnancy, men should have this option too. Of course, the fetus is a part of the woman's body, so it would be ludicrous to propose that a man can command a woman to get his child aborted. Therefore, within the timespan in which the woman can abort the child, men should be allowed to remove any legal connections to it. However, the woman should, upon being informed of this, be always allowed to abort the child (if she thinks that she couldn't manage it on her own etc.)

  • Yes, they should!

    Currently, men have no choice in the matter in violation of the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment. Row vs Wade established that a woman's right to choose as a fundamental right. Women also have the choice of adoption and safe havens.

    Once a woman becomes pregnant however, a man has no choice. Women make an autonomous and independant decision about their life and then make the guy pay for it. This often proves to be financially devastating for men leading them to poverty and jail time.

    It's time to remove the asterisk behind "my body, my choice" stating "but if I choose to have it pal, you gotta pay". Your body. Your choice. Your responsibility.

  • To not be pro-choice and not be in the yes column is hypocritical.

    If a woman can choose whether or not she wants to have a child after she has gotten pregnant, then a man should be able to do the same, as well, within the same constraints. At whatever point a woman is no longer allowed to abort a child legally, the man should no longer be able to abdicate his responsibility. If a woman is still capable of aborting the child, then the father should also be able to relieve himself legally of any responsibility to the child.

    There's no argument against that. Not one based in logic, anyway.

  • Yes, provided it is within the same time frame as a woman's abortion.

    If a man has made the commitment to help care for his child, he shouldn't go back an his word. However, the "my body, my choice" argument very much applies. All working citizen use their body (including the brain) to earn money; that money is their property. If consent to sex doesn't mean consent to pregnancy for women, the same needs to apply to men. "My body, my choice" for a man would be something to the affect of "My body, my money". Generally the men that don't change their Minds about not wanting kids get slammed with child support.

    All of that is to say that if a woman can make a decision by herself, she needs to pay for it by HERSELF. Women can choose to be a parent. Why can't men?

  • One Word: Equality

    In our society where everyone is panning for equal rights, why don't we give it to them? Women have the absolute right to terminate or carry the child through full term. And, since men apparently cannot have any say in that process (even though it is a life changing choice for them either way), they should also have the right to "abort" financial support of the unwanted child (if they so wish).

    Man or woman, if you are for the equal treatment of both genders (as in, neither male nor female are superior to the other), then this (aborting financial support) is a good step in finally allowing men to have some of the reproductive rights afforded to women.

  • Absolutely, it is only fair.

    All I keep hearing from the opposition is "he should of been more careful, he is just as much a part of it as her" meanwhile the woman gets ABSOLUTE control over what happens to the baby. You cannot just expect someone to go through an incredibly strenuous emotional and financial commitment because of the actions of another person. Its disgusting. I am in no way advocating the idea a man should be able to chose if the baby is aborted or not. It is her body and she should absolutely have control over that decision. However, unless you are in favor of a world where a man can have say in the pregnancy you are being extremely hypocritical. Men should have access to equal to the same reproductive right as women. If he is responsible for making it, then he should be able to make his own decisions. We should be looking out for everyones rights, not just our own ladies.

  • I will more than likely be the only yes.

    I am a victim of abortion. I got a girl pregnant once. Maybe she was not ready. Maybe she didn't want kids. Whatever the case was it happened. I was excited even though she started to draw herself away from me. Turns out that she aborted my first child. I was and am hear broken. If she has the right to do that then I should have the right. I doubt I will ever use it though.

  • Financially aborting a child is irresponsible.

    I am speaking from personal experience here. One of my wife's kid's father's has done this. The man never had been in his life and has paid his child support only once. Due to his irresponsibly and unwillingness to support his offspring, it makes me very upset that he has abandoned his role as a man, burdening the system to pick up the tab for his child's care, and leaving it to others to raise his child.

  • No, they should "man up" and support their child.

    I cannot imagine a situation in which a man should have the option of financially aborting their child and the responsibilities they have to their child. A mother should not, either. There is no reason I can think of for a parent to no longer be financially responsible for the person they brought into this world.

  • No… Men Should Not Have the Right to Financially Abort Their Child

    A man at the very least should be financially responsible for any children he has a part in creating. It is unfortunate in a sense that a man is ultimately not able to choice whether or not he will be a father once a woman is pregnant. However, being that may be the case, a man must be absolutely careful and extremely cautious about involving himself in such potential situations.

  • No: Men Should Support What They Helped Create

    If a woman gives birth to a child after having sex with a man, the two are equally responsible for caring for that child if they decide to keep it. There is no reason that a man should be able to walk away from their child and insist that the mother care for the child solely on her own. That would be to disregard morality and common responsibility. If creating the child is something you had a responsible hand in, then caring for that child financially should be your responsibility as well, no matter the relationship between mother and father.

  • Why are we debating to kill a baby

    The idea of abortion is beyond sickening. If you are not responsible enough to atleast wear a condem before having sex with a girl then be prepared to care of your kid. I do not understand why everybody thinks it is ok to kill a baby. Abortion is murder if you actually think it is not then you are beyond dumb

  • I am a Product of a Financial Abortion

    Honestly I am truly embarrassed by bio-father's behavior. He left when I was 3 yrs old. I have seen 3 or 4 times since then. I am an young adult male now. My existence has no real relevance to my so called father. He has never provided financially, emotionally, or socially to my upbringing. Every now and again he will call but it seems like it is to make himself feel better and has little to do with my well being. I think I would be better if he just left me alone. I usually feel like crap after he calls. I like to thank my Mom for doing her best for me. We had tough financial times a little support from my bio father would have gone a long way. But hell we made it and I no longer need anything from him financially, emotionally, or socially. So, I opt to emotionally abort my bio father. Don't ask from me what you yourself never provided.

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