Should men have to work and be strong and quiet.

Asked by: Robertkelly
  • Men should work, Yes. But economy plays a key role in success.

    Everyone should work, But the question is weather or not they should work for anyone but themselves; why marry or even live together? There are more women in the workforce yes, That's because men have little to no incentive anymore to participate in a broken system in America where the divorce rate is high, And divorce court laws are bias; they're not seeking mates anymore.

    Women are at the top of the mountain still looking up at the sky looking for all the "good men" they trampled over to get to where they are. They refuse to look below them because they don't want to marry down and lose money, So they wait for a "good man" until the biological clock starts running out to have a child. This is why there is a population (birth rate) decline too, And not just in the US.

    It's making the Japanese in danger of extinction! There are too many old people who aren't fertile, And young people who can't find decent enough jobs to afford a family. The census bureau reported that by 2040 Japan's population would go from 120 million (what it is now); to under 100 million (2040); Making Japan's civilization endangered. In fact it's so bad certain towns in Japan have been trying to give houses away for free: https://www. Cbsnews. Com/news/one-shrinking-japanese-towns-plan-give-away-houses-for-free/

    Job opportunities are important, And good jobs are not readily available everywhere; in the US, And especially Japan.

    Economy plays a roll in good jobs, And population is part of the economy. In the US a growing number of men feel jaded by women, And don't even care to try to serve anyone else but themselves; can't really blame them; finding a good job to raise a family in a country with people who don't care is kind of hard, Or soon to possibly be; no people at all in some cases.

  • Have you been to a football game?

    Yes duh males should work. Why should they not work and only womxxn work? Last time i checked theres more womxxn in the workforce. So now were advocating for them to contribute less to society? In some states womxxn and girls give birth to rape babies because they are told its their place. Yet males don't know their place. And males should be more quiet. They are so LOUD every time they talk my ears RING! Its so annoying. They yell and scream till they get what they want. Its been proven that womxxn talk 27% of the time and its perceived as less because males hate us. Maybe if males were quiet for once. Maybe womxxn would be able to speak but its way to hard to get a word in edge wise with a loud mouth speaking over you. We womxxn see it all the time. In out offices. From our teachers. Peers parents husbands sons. We see it. We hear it

  • Men and Women?

    I do believe that men can be the breadwinner in a household, But just because of the gender you are given doesn't mean you have to fit that role. Men can be stressed out like women, But society has taught us to "Man up". If a woman expresses her dislike of something, People(including men) rush to their aid because women are "precious gems". Both genders deserve care and both can work, Cook, And clean house. Men are conditioned at a young age to shut up when it comes to feelings. Men are considered immoral if they don't pamper their girl. Also, A woman can claim a man raped her under false terms and his life can be ruined, Even if he is proven innocent. The woman just walks away with nothing but a warning in some places. Then they are told that they are brave for surviving a rapist and that the system is corrupt because it's run by Old White Men. Guess why? Men are proven to work harder in life and they are kicked to the road because they look below average and don't make enough. Another study by a dating app(Tinder? ) showed that women couldn't identify an average man. 20% were beautiful and the rest were below average. No in-between. There is an obvious reason why there are 3. 53 more suicides by men with white males counting for %70. This was my rant. Don't know if I fully understood what the question is, But men should be allowed to talk and converse in the workplace and not be disregarded in life.

  • Women take advantage too much

    Men are neglected and treated like dirt and women always say they are confined to the kitchen and men are lucky they get to go fetch bills. I however have found that cooking cleaning and managing a house is way easier and fun then always slaving away to get funds for a family I don't get to see just to hear that I'm slacking and still need to clean. I already work and get tired and I clean anyway and I don't feel all that lucky that I have to fetch bills all the time.

  • No But A Little Yes

    I believe that working is important for everyone, Men, Women, And non-binaries alike. However I do not believe that men need to 'be strong and quiet. ' Everyone has the right to speak their mind and express themselves emotionally but society tends to disprove of males who do express and be open with their emotions. Not everyone has to be strong all the time, It is incredibly important that people are allowed to be vulnerable and open.

  • I disagree but for more economical and logical reasons

    Women in the united states outnumber men. So with that information it would be moronic to force men to be the soul provider for a family. Woman are more than capable of working and can bringing in money for their family. While studies and stats have shown they just choose not to. Women are more likely to take more vacation and sick days then men. Men are more likely to ask for a raise and work more overtime than woman. Low paying jobs such as pediatrics are primarily dominated by women. Men still make up a majority of work place fatalities. While there are numerous factors into why woman make less man but to have the audacity to blame a nonexistent external force is simply idiotic. If companies could get away with paying women less than they would only hire women to increase profits. Quit blaming society for your problems and incompetence and ask for a raise or put in more overtime

  • People should not be forced to act a certain way

    I don't think men 'should' do anything, Except respect the people around them and obey the law, Which women should do too. Really most people 'should' work, Because, Like, Food, Rent/mortgage payments, Car insurance. . .
    I could go on. But I don't think all men should be expected to fit the "Strong and Silent' stereotype; people ought to act how they want (within reason, There is no need to urinate in public, For example). If a guy is a talkative, Sensitive, Extrovert, And he doesn't work, Or only works part time, Because his wife/girlfriend/boyfriend works, And that is what works for them, Great. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. People don't have to fit any stereotype they don't want to.

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