• Unequal maintenance costs

    Yes, for it cost women more to maintain their image - makeup, hair, unwanted hair removal, clothing and it takes more time. I don't think any man would date someone all natural (with blemishes and unshiny hair that comes with it) in t-shit and jeans. But it would be ok for the women to initiate and pay for the dates too, but that shouldn't be a must.

  • Yes, If They Asked For The Date

    Yes, men should pay for dates. If a guy asks a girl out, he should be responsible for the cost of the date. If he’s not well off, then he needs to be up front and honest about it and suggest an inexpensive dinner or form of entertainment. Either way, if the guy is initiating the date, then he needs to pay the tab. If there is a second or third date, then they can discuss finances, but the cost of that first date should fall on the guy.

  • Of Course

    if the man asked the woman out, absolutely he needs to pay for the dates. as long as the man still wants the woman to have a good impression of him, he should be kind and generous, otherwise he will lose her for sure. just imagine every time the man needs to calculate the money with the woman he just dated as if he wants to split the bill.... awkward and really not that nice.

  • It's a fair trade

    Firstly, everything has a cost and dating costs too. It's a guy's responsibility to pay for the date if he initiates it.
    Secondly, the girl has put in the effort in make up and most importantly sparing her time given their youth is limited and diminish over time, so paying for the date is just a fair trade

  • It's only fair

    Women get marginalized frequently. They are, by a wild margin, the main victims of sexual abuse. All in all, the entire world is geared towards men. It's only fair that men, the benefactors of the patriarchy, should foot the bill for dates. Notions of fairness aside, it's also a pretty standard application of averages. Men, on average, earn more than women (due simply to the fact that they are men, which is another feature of the patriarchy). Thus, on average, it is less of a burden for men to pay for dates, and as such if a social institutional should exist around the cost of dating, it should be the duty of the male in the relationship to pay the fees.

  • Only if the

    Man has asked the woman on the date. If he has offered to take her out, to treat her, then it is considered polite to pay. Plus it seems kind of douche-y to ask a girl on a nice date and be sweet and kind, and the dump the tab on her. If it's an informal date, just to get to know each other, really, then they should pay for their own or split the tab.

  • What

    are you people thinking? Of course men should pay for dates! You think a guy can just waltz into a bazaar, grab a bag of dates, and then just waltz out without paying? What kind of bloody communist socialist pinko red scum are you? Seriously... Men should definitely pay for dates.

  • Equality, Not Chivalry

    In this age of equality, men shouldn't pay for every date. A relationship is a woman's choice as well. Paying entirely for one date offers the stigma of indebtedness for "things" later that night. Paying entirely for a date isn't chivalry anymore. If one half of the couple pays for the first date, the other half should pay for the second date.

  • Males shouldn't be forced to uphold traditional values anymore.

    I believe that the ONLY reason that a male should be expected to pay for a date is if, and only if the female expects to take a traditional role of being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. If a couple wants to take on traditional roles then that is fine, otherwise don't make a male pay for everything just because he was born as a male.

  • No , women are equal.

    No they should not , these days women are equal to men and earn their own money and we have equality.. And hence women should pay for their own dates.

    That is the best way to do it.

    Dont be a gold digger , and pay for your dates. :D

  • Men Should Not be Expected to Pay for Everything

    Gendered requirements in a relationship aren't good for either partner. Men should not be expected to drain their wallet for a chance at love anymore than a woman should be expected to grant him any "favors." If both partners decide they want to, that's fine, but it should not be a expectation.

  • Sexism is not okay...

    This probably started when women effectively in General we're not able to go out and work so the man who had much more cash usually would pay. By the good work of feminism and rights campaigns this gender economy gap no longer exists in modern economically developed nations and thus the practice should not continue. Otherwise it is just blatant sexism.

  • Men should not pay for dates

    The couple should decide in advance what is going to happen on the date but there is no real reason the man should be automatically expected to pay for the date. Splitting the tab is a good way to eliminate the entitlement some men feel when they pay for the date and allow women to be more confident when making and going on dates.

  • Why would they?

    What kind of backwater, conservative society expects a man to pay for dates to begin with? In this day and age - an age that is not the dark ages - a man should never be expected to pay for any date, not the first nor the last. If a woman assumes the man is going to pay for the date, she needs to go home and have a good ponder whether we live in the 21st century or the 12th.
    Saying that, a man should never expect a woman to pay for the date either. Each party should expect to pay for their own expenses. I really thought things were simple like that!

  • Shouldn't feel forced

    The 1st date, fine. I can give you that (it's more yes than no), but subsequent dates, it's all fair game. Women talk about men being providers and that the way they show that is through paying for dates. It worked back in the old days because women couldn't pay for dates, but now, women have money. To expect a man to pay for all of your dates is...Well...Spoilt.

  • No, not really

    It's one thing for the guy to offer to pay once in a while. But if the woman doesn't want the guy to pay, or the guy is short on cash, then the women should pay for herself. And what if it's two guys or two girls who are on a date. Who pays then?

  • Men Should Not Automatically Assume the Costs for a Date

    It should not be assumed that the man should automatically be responsible for the costs of a date. Today, many women are the aggressor in the dating arena, and with the continued move toward equality in the workforce, are equally able to afford that expense. It should be up to the participants to decide how the costs should be divided, but not assumed to be the man's responsibility.

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