Should Men practice Chivarly for their Wife, Fiancée or Girlfriend?

Asked by: jjohnmusic11
  • It's just being an adult

    First, i think i would have been nice if you defined chivalry for us more clearly, but i guess i'll just go off the picture. Pretty much everything on that picture is just something a well adjusted adult should do. As far as gender roles go, i see nothing wrong with anything on your picture. Men, and Women are different, and thus should be treated differently. In relationships Men like to feel powerful and respected, while Women want to feel special, and loved (Generally speaking obviously not everyone is like this).

  • Chivalry is Dead

    It is dead and it is not coming back! Chivalry has become being a gentleman towards those NEAR you. Chivalry meant a code in how knights treated Women, the elderly and the Children within a Monarch. Since Monarches are dead and a city is to vast to be considered a Monarch, there is no way in hell, every men would be Chivalrous to every snot nose thing that exist.
    Welcome to 2017, welcome to equality.

  • Men should practice it as much as women.

    Chivalry is typically men treating women in a certain way. I don't believe in chivalry, gone are the times of unequal treatments. To expect chivalry in my opinion, is bordering on the sexist. People should treat each other how they'd want to be treated and seek to make others happy, regardless of gender.

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