Should men shave at the sink instead of in the shower to boost water conservation?

  • Men should shave wherever they feel comfortable.

    Shaving in the shower is much more time consuming because you don't have a mirror to look at, and you're more likely to get hurt by the razor. You need a mirror to ease the process along. Anyhow, just go for laser hair removal. Remove the areas in your face where you don't want there to be any hair, and all you'd have to use is a shaving machine to trim the length of the rest of the hair easily. Otherwise, if you're like me who prefers not to have any facial hair, do the laser on your entire face, and you will wake up everyday happily not having to worry about shaving and getting cuts on your face.

  • Men Should Shave at the Sink to Have More Control

    Men should shave at the sink so they can see their face better when they shave. Shaving in the shower can lead to a steamy mirror and leave someone unable to see his face. Shaving at the sink also saves water because the shower uses more water. Shaving in the shower does save time though.

  • Yes, men should save in the sink.

    I think that men should definitely shave in the sink instead of the shower to save water. I think that people who unnecessarily shave in the shower waste a lot of water compared to the sink. It is important for all us to do what we can to conserve water and I think that it's a tactic that will help society.

  • Yes, to save water they should

    I don't think shaving in the shower is going to save all that much water,but if it does, I will shave in the sink. The shower is much easier for clean up,but I suppose you can shave earlier, and jump in the shower to clean it off. I think shaving in the shower is wrong now, water is key.

  • Shave where comfortable.

    Men should shave at the location it is most comfortable to them. If they shave at the sink and have to stand there 3 times as long to get all of the shaving cream off of their face, does it really boost water conservation? Shaving in the shower takes less time.

  • It uses very little.

    No, men should not shave at the sink instead of in the shower to boost water conservation, because the difference in water usage is really very little. Also, if a person in the United States uses less water, it's not like we have the means to give that water to someone who needs it in Africa.

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