• What's the point of hair?

    It looks better, it feels better. It feels so much better together with your partner when the both of you have shaved your whole bodies instead of feeling weird and ticklish.

    Where is the logic in letting body hair determine masculinity? It's not like body hair adds any sort of practical benefit. It won't help me be better at sports, if anything it will make me sweat more and slow me down. And it won't help me hunt. It doesn't magically make me more dominant and assertive. It's purely symbolic. It does nothing. If you try it and it doesn't make you look and feel 100 times more awesome then don't waste your time but if you like it it's definitely worth it.

  • So that we can all stop

    They should be forced to shave their legs. Then they will realise how stupid shaving is and then both men and women will be their natural hairy legged selves and women won't be forced to shave for some strange stupid reason like today. Because leg hair is just fine on either gender.

  • Yes! Why not?

    Women shave legs for aesthetic reasons. Why men don't? Feels great, smooth, cool, you feel good with yourself, nicer looking! It's cleaner and prevent odors. It's your choice! It's also more comfortable! Why only legs? You can shave all your entire body! Your arms, your body, your as! Don't forget your face! Hahaha! If you shave your body don't means that you are gay! If you like, what are you waiting for?

  • Feels better smooth

    I shave it all from my neck down was I but nervous at first but I love the look I love the feel and my wife thinks it looks sexier and hotter as well! I shave completely bare from my neck down I have been doing this now for about 2 months and I will never have hair anywhere other than my head again ever! Go ahead guys grab the razor you will like the outcome it'd it is something you wanted to try do it if you don't like it will grow. Back! Also don't worry what some other guys think it is perfectly ok for men to do this!

  • Wife loves it!

    I shave because we both like it. It is cooler and I work in a hot environment close to heat shrink equipment. I'm 55 years old and have shaved since I was a teenager. I have seldom had anything said about it. I did sports football, baseball, track, swimming ect. Played football in Jr. & Senior college and saw a lot of others do the same. Easier to take care of cuts and scrapes with out body hair.

  • If women are allowed, so should men.

    I shaved my legs cause of a medical issue. Wow, my legs feel great! Much cooler, feels great when I got a massage and under sheets. All I can say is why do women keep this gas to themselves? My wife loves them now! I let them grow back and she wanted the hair gone. Women, get over it. Hair on legs is uncomfortable! Encourage your guys to shave. They will love you for it.

  • Really it is up to you.

    Looks cleaner, muscles and veins show more, and legs tan better. To say that a man should be hairy or a woman should be smooth is sexist. Where is the logic in letting leg hair determine sexuality or masculinity. I do it on occasion, and I like the look. My wife thinks I am a little weird, though. "Who would shave if they didn't have to?" she says.

  • My body, my legs, hair or not

    Personally I don't care for body hair on men or women. I shave my legs because it is what I want to do. So let's leave it at that. Women's lib did wonders for women, giving them the right to choose careers, dress, yes bra burning. Let's have a little men's lib.

  • If it looks good and feels good, do it!

    Men should be able to feel free enough to shave their legs for the good feeling and looks if they want to no matter their sexual orientation (however, for this reply I will let you know that I am a single, straight guy). It really has nothing to do with that. In my case, I am getting a little older and have noticed that the backs of my calves are hair free as are part of my thighs. Might be from wearing socks and blue jeans all the time or just heredity, but I don't have very thick hair anyway and to me it just looks 'scraggly' and like I have the mange or something. I decided to shave it all off and to me it looks better evened up like that. I'm not trying to impress anyone and I don't have tanned legs although they are toned. For a while it felt strange, but after doing it for a few months it is very hard to want to go back to being hairy. I don't shave my arms, but my hair is so light and fine on them that it does not look like I have any on them at all. Honestly, I just sort of hate body hair. I can't stand seeing men with long underarm hair or hair sticking out of their shirts. Trim that stuff down! Men that have even leg hair that is not too thick look just fine, but I see no reason people should judge other men for not wanting hairy legs.

  • Absolutely...shave every day!

    I do it for purely narcissistic reasons...I work out and they look awesome when I can see every ripple. They look and feel cleaner too. It can be a pain, but once I found my hot (read nicking) spots it's a fairly simple and fast process.

    The other benefit is they look even better in pantyhose/tights...

  • Nope - Isn't Right

    No, men should not shave their legs. Women are supposed to have smooth, hair-free legs. Guys are supposed to have masculine looking legs and chests – with hair on them. Women don’t want to see guys with shaved legs any more than guys want to see women with long, hairy legs…some things are just not right and should be left alone.

  • Guys should be guys

    This gender neutral stuff is getting out of hand. If God wanted all of us to be the same, there wouldn't be men and women. Women are given breasts and hips and the ability to bear children. Men should be masculine ie hairy and muscular. My 14 year old son has been made fun of, by male friends, for having hairy legs! We tell him to be proud of being a male. Today's culture is feminizing/"demasculating" men. By the way, I am a woman. I get shaving for athletes but otherwise, no!!!

  • Boys being girls!

    A man wanting to avoid the masculine appearance is perhaps not comfortable with being a man. It raises many questions about their identity and their mental health in terms of acceptance of who they are. I've heard some doing it for sport at the elite level, but really, there are only a minute number of elite level athletes. Talk about bending gender ideals.

  • LOL NOPE seriously.

    This argument is stupid for both sides. This is just peoples opionions on who feels differently about one specific thing. Body hair is not an issue for me. I do not have a lot of it. I also don't think having shaved legs would make me feel comfortable. I did it once for charity at school where I had my legs waxed. There's nothing that makes one better than the other in my opinion. Save you're time and go to the gym and work out a little jeez. Or get a job. Half the country I come from spends too much time doing nothing and not a lot of time doing something productive. Please don't waste time thinking about shaving your damn legs guys. Get out there and get something done. My brother however said, "I'd reallllyyyyyyyyyyy not want to have thin long shaved legs. I do not want to look twelve."

  • Guys are supposed to have hairy legs

    Men are not into things that take a lot of time, like shaving your legs. It takes forever, and it looks terrible on males. It makes them look like little boys instead of men. Hairy legs is what separates the men from the little boys. Plus the hair can protect a guy from their legs drying out, it shields the skin from sun damage. So it's best for men to leave their legs hairy.

  • Voting no because of the tone of the "Yes" votes

    The debate is ridiculous. Look at the "yes" votes. It is all men who subscribe to "yes" and are defensive about it, or "protest votes" from women who are tired of shaving THEIR legs.

    The latter are NO votes. I vote NO... NO ONE should shave. Women, you can also not shave if you want. Shaving is just another unnatural thing. Might as well list "should everyone get plastic surgery?"

    People love railing against "artificial standards of beauty" and rightly so. Well what is more "artificial" than shaving a body *neck to toe*?

  • Dont so it guys!

    Sometimes it can be acceptables, like if you are a bodybuilder, swimmer, runner etc. if it serves a purpose I have no problem. I dont thing men should do it for aesthetic reasons though. Men havent shave there legs forever, its a new craze. Men were ment to have hair on their bodies.

  • Hair on guy's legs is normal

    As many other posters have stated, guys are supposed to have hairy legs, I do. It doesn't bother at all. I wear shorts too and I'm not ashamed of my hairy legs. I've got dark hair' so my legs have dark haor on them, it covers my whole leg. I shaved them once, just to see if it was nicer looking and it was not. I hated it, and I'm glad it grew back even hairier than before. I'm a guy and guys don't shave their legs. It takes too much time and I don't want to look like a little kid.

  • It's looks like a woman's leg shaved

    They don't do it themselves, they have it done for them by some little wog slapper in the "back room" of the salon and the girlfriends are as mindless as ever...... As if they'd do it them selves when they can some chick in a gym outfit rub all over them !!!

  • No absolutely not

    As I women I find it incredibly erotic to snuggle up to a man in bed who has body hair, the stark difference between his hairy skin against own skin makes me feel very feminine. I'm afraid I like manly men who are rugged. A man who removed his body hair would turn me off. Muscular and hairy arms and legs on a man is very attractive.

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MasturDbtor says2014-07-02T00:18:22.380
Changed my mind from yes to no. It's not practical. It takes so much time and you always miss spots. It's just too much work so I've stopped.