Should men stay at home and do house work while women go out and work.

Asked by: samuelong135
  • This is Equality

    Men should work in the house as househusbands and women should join the workforce. It is equality. Women and Men should share the same jobs. Men should stay at home taking care of the children everyday and women should be the ones working and paying the bill. While husbands just have to do chores and washing dishes while women have to do some hard business thinking work such as meetings and construction work.

  • Women should be able to work a lot more than men because women can be much more active and maybe stronger than men.

    There is a woman name Ronda Rousey that is a very strong girl and that could even beat boys in a competition.
    Another thing that I don’t understand is that why can some guys do everything that girls can do but, girls can’t do everything that the boys can do, why is that?
    In my opinion I think that men should be at home instead of women because, 60% of the population say that men should stay home and do housework and women should go out and go to work.

  • Since women likes to be equal

    Women all over the world always think that men have more opportunity to the point that everything is a unfair situation to them including being a house wife, personally if a women think she wants to work, I'll let her, but don't expect me to be working, you want to work? Fine! I'll take care of the kids and show you what your so called "unfair" job is... I'll be doing everything in the house, clean, take care of kids, shopping, and relax after..... And you'll do all the working. I'm not against women who wants to work, I'm just saying, not working is hell more fun since you spend your day with your kids and just spend time in mall or do cooking and relax and plan vacations etc.. While working takes the men whole day that they are always tired. I'm a lazy person and if a women wants to work, I'll take that trade anytime soon... But in today's society, WOMEN expect them to WORK and Be INDEPENDENT BUT WANT THEIR partners to work too.... What is this... All women previllage? We let you work and we didn't care, but women won't let us take their old position????? Isn't it a bit unequal, stereotyping, unfair, disadvantage to us? Where's the gender equality here? So women wants something and they also get to decide what we men wants... Too much Equality isn't equality.... My Point is: You work, we will stay home, don't expect us to work too.. You want that " false freedom" you can have it and I'll enjoy a hot coco with my son or daughter at home and we will go anywhere while you're working.

  • Why is it always women who stay at home?

    I strongly feel that men should also work at home as it gives a support to the amount of hardwork a woman puts in looking after kids, and other household work.Stereotypes these days have defined the roles of men and women and have driven the minds of many people leading them to believe that women HAVE TO STAY AT HOME...But it is never that way, we all are born humans and both men and women have various abilities both sufficient to make a person economically self-sufficient.Therefore, I feel MEN SHOULD ALSO WORK AT HOME.

  • Women most definitely shoudn't stay at home whilst their man go out to make the bread and butter!

    This has been going on since the early years where men think that women are just supposed to be unemployed and a housewife.This,is ridiculous!My mother always told me to hustle like a man so that i wouldn't need to depend on them.We as women are suppose to be independent,employed and educated!Not housewives!!
    Never let a man mind you.Never.

  • No. Unless they want to of course.

    I don't think that that should be law or something people feel obliged to follow. If the man wants to stay home while the women works in a particular family and everyone is fine with that, then that's all well and good in my view. That could perhaps limit their income but that's their choice.

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