• Yes they should.

    It draws people in. Just why do people come up to you when you wear a well-fitting, Well-accessorized suit? Because it makes you look intriguing, But also trustworthy and put-together. People feel like they can approach you with questions about who your tailor is, Or where you got your pocket square. A joint study undertaken by researchers at Columbia and California State Universities found that wearing a professional suit to work every day actively boosts your confidence and makes you feel more powerful. A suit is the uniform of success. By wearing a suit you are saying, Both in American culture and most other cultures on this planet, That you are succeeding. It is as simple as that. People see the suit you are wearing, And it has an effect on them.

  • Because its just more professional?

    So i went through a few if the against arguments and most of them state something along the lines of"oh the way you dress has nothing to do with your professionalism and like you shouldn't be judged on your looks'. Well here's what i think. For example when you go to school you are expected to be wearing a "proper uniform". Like in our school, Our tie need to have 7 black strips and shirt tucked in. This was important as it showed your attitude towards learning and so on. Similarly I think men' should' wear suits in workplace because it just looks more professional but again if they don't want to wear it then that's completely fine too.

  • If they want to.

    Suits are as-a-clothing as a punk T-shirt and a Dia-de-Los-Muertos costume. If they wanted to, Why not wear suits? We don't wear suits because we don't want to, Not because we are restricted to not to. Suits can be worn anywhere, From carnivals to marketplaces. If you are forcing to restrict suits, Then I got no words.

  • Keep america formal.

    Who wants people showing up to work not looking nice or formal? People need to show respect by dressing nicely and professionally. People need to show dedication to their work place and employers by dressing professionally. Making people wear suits will keep people dedicates and respectful in many different ways. Keep America Formal!

  • Suits are needed in my workplace

    Yes, Since I am required to wear one anyway for internships, Have no say in the matter. I don't particularly care about suits but it's required. If hired the job will pay well so. . . Yeah.

    Maybe one day I can work in a job where you can wear sweats to work and still make about the same amount. Maybe I should have looked into being a personal trainer or something.

  • It’s needed to maintain professionalism

    It’s important for a buissness work environment to reflect nothing but respect for all associates and employees and should always strive to be the picture perfect version of professionalism! Aside from this the suit helps maintain a professional atmosphere and sense formality around the office which is key in producing an image of professionalism.

  • Because it's not nesters

    Because why should they Wear it and my Dad does not Wear it to work everyday I don't understand you guns again at all please do some it's about it please it is not by force please do some it's about it and change it please it is not by force to Wear it to work everyday I don't understand you guns again at all

  • Aren't button-downs enough?

    Personally I'm not the biggest fans of suit jackets. They're restrictive and make a lot of guys super sweaty. Honestly I think a button-down, Some decent slacks, And loafers are enough to look professional. As Tim Minchin said, ". . . Anything more than that is just self indulgent. . . " That's my view on it though.

  • Not all jobs need them

    Plumbers do not wear suits. Children Pizza employees do not wear suits. Fast food workers do not wear suits.
    Only in business environments do you find the need for suits, And even then do you even need them?

    If a bank decided to stop requiring its employees to stop wearing suits I would still go to the bank. Even google employees met the queen of England in a T shirt.

    Its the illusion of professionalism.

  • Professionalism is not equal

    One of the main arguments for suits in the workplace is that it is needed to maintain Professionalism and that it's used to maintain a sort of respect, But isn't that in it's self judging your Co-Workers by how they look, I believe that isn't respectful and that's why I believe that we shouldn't need to wear suits at the workplace.

  • There's nothing inherently disrespectful about casual attire.

    Professionalism and respect are not represented by appearance. If people see those without a suit in a workplace and think that they're less professional, That's the fault of the observer, Not the person wearing casual clothing. Professionalism is determined by action, Not appearance. I can easily be extremely unprofessional in a suit.

  • Is it really necessary though?

    As far as I'm concerned, The only place men wear a suit to work are office buildings, But if that office building is, Say, A call center, The only people that see you are coworkers and your boss. Not a single customer cares if you're wearing a suit because they don't ever see you.

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